Unite diesel exhaust emissions register

Exposure to diesel fumes at work can cause cancer and even kill you!
Please take a couple of minutes to fill out the Unite diesel exhaust emissions register. Your responses will help us draw up a map to measure the level of diesel fume exposures in workplaces.

Diesel exhaust registerThe data that you provide will be stored on a database and may be shared with others, including law firms instructed by Unite. The use of this information will be utilised for the purposes of providing evidence of exposure with employers and Government bodies.
Unite Legal helpline
By completing the form you are not registering a legal claim. If you have suffered significant symptoms caused by exposure to diesel emissions you should contact Unite’s Legal service helpline without delay on 0800 709 007.

All workers have a right to safe working environment
There are detailed regulations in place intended to protect all workers from exposure to dangerous substances (such as diesel exhaust fumes) in the workplace and these are called “The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002” or COSHH for short.

Help inform workers about this important topic

• Put up one of our posters in your workplace - download below
• Hand out a flyer to colleagues at work - download below
• Find out more about diesel fume risks on our website

Other Resources
Diesel Exhaust Emissions at Work – Guidance for Unite members - download below.

By raising awareness now we can protect the health of current workers and future workers!