Protect our airports

Protect our airports

From Newcastle to Newquay, Edinburgh to London, our airports help keep us connected.  As an island nation, we need them.

But we are concerned that without urgent action by central government to stabilise the aviation sector, workers employed as ground staff, crew, baggage handlers, airport security and in all associated retail and transport jobs in and around our airports will be made jobless. Many have been furloughed, but some like British Airways staff, are being sacked altogether.

This is urgent.

Find out how much your airport generates for the local economy: READ THE REPORT

Support Unite’s campaign to save UK aviation 

Email your MP – ask your MP to support Unite’s aviation blueprint – a bold new plan to secure the industry’s future, which calls for fully repayable state-backed loans with job protection and green strings attached. It goes even further calling for curbs on excessive executive pay.

We have provided a template letter but if you have time it's really powerful to add in personal details. For example name checking your regional airport and adding in some local stats is what will convince your MP to act. So will talking about the impact on your job if you work there. But, if you don’t have time, the letter is ready to go, just enter your postcode, add your MP's name and yours at the bottom and you're good to go. 

Protect Our Airports

Email your MP to ask them to protect our airports

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