UK Aviation: Flying into the future

Coronavirus: protect UK aviation

UK aviation is in crisis

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the UK aviation industry has been swift and brutal. It was the first and is among the worst hit by the government-imposed lockdown.

Jobs are under threat. Most of the world’s passenger aircraft have been grounded. Air passenger demand has slumped. The industry is facing a slow recovery, threatening the more than 1.2m jobs that it supports directly and indirectly.

The UK aviation industry needs urgent government support to survive. Not a bailout for billionaires, but a new deal for aviation which puts people and planet before profit. Unite’s blueprint for the sector sets out the steps to be taken to secure the long term viability of the sector.

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Ask that they support our new deal for aviation and put pressure on the government to adopt the blueprint. The future of the industry depends on it. Use the form below,  simply enter your postcode, add your name to the pre-drafted letter and you're good to go.

Over 1.2m jobs are supported by UK aviation, from flight crew and baggage handlers to hospitality and the makers of aircraft engines. It generates £22bn in GDP to the UK economy every year, and brings growth and prosperity to every part of the country.

Germany, France, the USA and many other major countries have already intervened to protect their aviation industries. As an island nation, it is imperative that our government does the same.

Coronavirus: protect UK aviation

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