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Cancel the cut to Universal Credit and extend to all claimants

The chancellor's cut to Universal Credit came into effect on Wednesday 6 October. Millions of people are now facing a very bleak Christmas. This cut is cruel and unnecessary. Unite will continue fight for this decision to be reversed, and for the five week wait to be stopped.

Our country is better than this.

Please urgently join us in piling the pressure on Tory MPs. They can't get away with their reckless and deliberate lies. Tell them to write to the chancellor, Rishi Sunak. He must reverse his decision to cancel the cut Universal Credit and extend the payment to all claimants. It's shocking that 2.2m people on legacy benefits have been denied the payment so far. If you MP is a Tory, please email them now using our postcode locator below. Or if you don't have a Tory MP, email the chancellor instead, simply enter his constituency postcode
DL6 2NJ into the tool below.

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Cancel the UC cut

URGENT: If your MP is a Tory please email them today. If, not email the chancellor, Rishi Sunak instead, simply enter his constituency postcode DL6 2NJ in the MP look up to your left.


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The fact is the UK has one of most un-generous social security systems in comparable European countries. The £20 a week increase has only highlighted that the level of benefits were simply not enough to protect the growing number of households forced to turn to them when the crisis hit. It provides a vital boost to the economy as well through higher household spending! 

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