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Cancel the cut to Universal Credit: whistle stop tour

Rishi Sunak stole Christmas from 5.5m people when he snatched £20 a week from Universal Credit, and we want it back and extended to all claimants!

This Christmas Unite’s Community’s whistle stop tour of Red Wall seats is coming to 25 towns and cities hardest hit by the cut across North East Yorkshire and Humber, the Midlands and the North West from 1-18 December to tell local Tory MPs to ‘keep our families warm and fed.’

Please join us, if you can. Use our map to find an event near you.

Can’t join us? Please email your MP instead. Use our MP look up tool to find your MP.

Ask your MP to sign EDM 716 (Universal Credit reduction). 

The cut to Universal Credit was cruel and morally indefensible. Nearly half of people on Universal credit are in work. They are our nation’s care workers, refuse collectors, teaching assistants, NHS workers, as well as people who are disabled or have caring responsibilities. This government pressed ahead with the cut with complete disregard for the impact it would have on them and struggling families. We can't let this happen. 

Email your MP today: even better if your MP is a Tory. They let this cut happen and must now be told of its impact on their constituents. If you are on Universal Credit, or work with Universal Credit claimants please change our email template and write your story. It’s much more powerful.

No one should ever have to choose between heating and eating.

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Use this lookup to find out who your MP is and send them a message. Ask them to help convince the chancellor to reinstate the £20 and extend it to all claimants. Please change our email template. Your words are more powerful.


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