Unite Voted YES | Political Fund ballot 2023

Big Yes vote | Unite Political Fund ballot


Opened: 1 May 2023. Closed 22 May 2023.

++The ballot has  closed. Unite members voted YES to keep the political fund ++

Your ballot paper is arriving by post. Check your post and Vote Yes to keep a workers' voice. Post you ballot paper back in the envelope provided. Don't delay. Vote Yes today

If by 9 May you have not received your voting paper, call the ballot hotline on 0800 783 3856 or email: [email protected].

Your Political Fund means we can fight for:

  • Your rights at work – and to oppose attacks on your right to strike.
  • Our NHS and public services.
  • Fair pensions, a fairer economy and a fairer society.
  • Investment in your industries to create jobs.
  • YOU!

Anti- trade union legislation means every 10 years, Unite must ballot our members on whether to keep our Political Fund. That time is now. Voting closes on 22 May. Please pop your ballot paper in the post before then. 

Every time our members have been asked, they’ve always voted resoundingly to keep the fund. Let’s deliver a big yes vote this time too.

Need more info? Have a read of our activists' guide

Why do we have a Political Fund?


Hostile governments have always tried to make it harder for trade unions to campaign to improve the lives of working people. But did you know, that our union can only campaign to change bad laws and challenge wrong political choices because we have a Political Fund?

Without it, we can’t –together – stand up for jobs, pay, our NHS, your communities. Our Political Fund gives workers a voice. So vote YES to keep our Political Fund.

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Vote Yes Your ballot has landed
Ballot now open  

Find your FUND FACTS HERE:  Why we need it, what it's used for and when it is!


How serious would it be if we lost our Political Fund?

Very serious indeed. Losing this ballot means losing our voice. It would leave the powerful without a challenge. Much of the campaigning by members and the union we currently take for granted would no longer be allowed.

Our Workers’ Economy campaign, a UK-wide strategy to help force change, would be impossible without our Political Fund. So too would our campaigns to stop the destruction of our NHS.

Our Political Fund is NOT a fund for the Labour party or any other party.

The Political Fund is your Unite Fund, not for the Labour party or any political party. The fact is that YOUR fund is necessary to campaign on the issues that matter to YOU – holding politicians and policy makers to account.

Who can vote in this ballot? 

Everyone in England, Wales and Scotland who was a member of the union on 31 January 2023 will be eligible to vote in this ballot – whether they contribute to the Political Fund, or not.

This vote does not apply to members who live in the Channel Islands, the Republic of Ireland or in Northern Ireland, which is covered by separate legislation.

How do I vote?

Your paper ballot will be sent to your home, unless you asked for it to be sent to another address.

Read your ballot paper carefully, vote YES then post it back in the pre-paid envelope to the independent scrutineers.

What if my ballot paper doesn’t arrive?

If you have not received a ballot paper by Tuesday 9 May 2023, please contact the independent scrutineer on 0800 783 3856 or email: [email protected].


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