Messages of support and solidarity for the Liverpool dockers' strike are flooding in from all round the world. 

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Hang tough brothers and sisters. If you don't fight, you lose!
Solidarity from an Aussie PPTEU brother

We send full support to your struggle! We are also on strike in South Africa; the cranes in every port are up. As in Liverpool we are struggling for an increase greater than inflation, but our bosses are refusing an increase even at inflation. As with you we will struggle until we succeed! We look forward to building solidarity internationally; supporting each other in struggle. We need united action in resisting privatization as well as in fighting for higher wages. United we stand strong!
Joseph Dube
RETUSA | South Africa

On behalf of Unite NW/55 Branch we wish you success with your action. Companies should look after their workers not take advantage of them.
Pete L Branch Sec

Solidarity to all the dock workers. MDHC need to do the right thing and raise wages.

I am retired so can not strike but I am so pleased and proud of your action.

Workers at the Port of Liverpool. I fully support your struggle. I used to work at a port in Japan. So I can understand your struggle. Unity is our only weapon. Let's fight hard until Victory Day. I send greetings of solidarity from Japan.

Solidarity to the Liverpool Dockers. Keep up the fight!!!
A. McShane

We, Lambeth NEU, send you our total Solidarity and deepest wishes for a victory in your fight against a pay cut and vicious redundancy threats. You are an inspiration to everyone across the country and to those of us in schools fighting for a proper pay rise and the rights of our children to have a fully funded education system. We congratulate you in your fight and from 200 miles away stand shoulder to shoulder with you in your struggle. The workers united will never be defeated!

Good for you fighting for your rights. Its about time we all stood up for ourselves. I hope you get what you all deserve. Hope you all enjoyed the sausage buttys. We are right behind you.

A humble thank you for standing up for all workers' rights.

Your work makes this system function and make bosses rich. You must get the pay raise that you are asking for. Your fight is just and fair. Remember, workers united will never be defeated. All my international solidarity and support to the Liverpool Dockers! Keep up the struggle united and you will win!! Viva !!!
From Buenos Aires, Argentina

Full solidarity for the Liverpool dock workers from Unite branch (NI)/B0006 Ulsterbus drivers. Keep up the good fight comrades.

Keep going everybody! Well done. You can win this!

Keep up the fight lads and lasses, rich owners need bringing down a peg or two and eventually we need to get the ports of the UK back into public ownership and get fair wages & conditions for every worker.
Solidarity Comrades.

Greetings and solidarity from Greenwich and Bexley TUC! Wishing you good luck and all success with your strike. We are with you all the way!🚩🚩❤️

Stay strong. You are showing us all how to fight back in practice. Solidarity! No Justice! No Peace!

Best wishes to you all. Good luck with your strike action. Thank you for your efforts.

Solidarity! These bastards need to be crushed beyond repair once and for all!

Solidarity from a teacher in Rotherham.

You have the nation's support as you fight for fairness. Best wishes.

As a member of CWU, I just want to show my support and solidarity to you in your dispute. I'm sure I speak on behalf of all my fellow members in wishing you success in your fight and hope it can be resolved quickly. Stay strong and good luck.
Steve Clarke OPG CWU member Bristol mail centre.

Stay strong stand together, I work for Royal mail that's what we will do.

Sending solidarity from Bristol CWU collections (personal capacity).

Good luck and solidarity from GMB at East Sussex County Council. There is action in Hastings in East Sussex on October 1st alongside RMT , CWU strikers and climate change activists. GMB are currently balloting school support staff on industrial action.

Well done comrades keep up the fight against your greedy bosses and nasty Tories. Solidarity from a Brisbane crane driver ✊️

I am fully behind and support your strike action and you must get a pay rise above inflation. Don't settle for anything less.

Keep going guys. We are building a powerful movement along with other strikers. We are the many!

Sending all my solidarity to the Liverpool dockers!! You are leading the way for the working class in this country by fighting for the wages and working conditions you deserve. You make every penny of profit at the Liverpool docks and deserve a pay packet that allows you to support you families. Keep the faith!

Solidarity with the Liverpool Dock workers who deserve a fair wage for a fair days work instead of profits for bosses. Proud that you're fighting for what's right and helping lay decent wage foundations for all British workers experiencing the same level of disrespect and under value.

All the Best the working class are the people who keep the country moving.

Good morning and thank you to all those who are out on strike, making a huge sacrifice to challenge the ugly, greedy system which is terrorising the vulnerable and the poor.

God bless the dock workers for setting and example to us all, to show that getting up off our knees is the only way to find our dignity. Long live trade unions and all who fight for justice, fair pay and human rights.

Solidarity from Andy Coles in Manchester (UCU retired). Came to your picket a few years back. Best wishes.
Andy ✊🏼

Support to striking workers at Liverpool docks, total respect for taking this brave decision to stand up for your rights and a company that puts profit before people. I am a retired teacher who as a member of the then NUT striked and went on a picket line in the 'stand up for Education' campaign. As a socialist I am dismayed at the now Labour Party and rather than it being infiltrated by the left it has been and is infiltrated by the right. I think action outside parliament is the only answer and am proud to support all the current initiatives, enough is enough, insulate, stop oil, we won't pay and striking workers. We are many ✊

Solidarity to the striking Liverpool dockers standing up for pay justice from Chesterfield and District Trades Union Council. We will be marching this Saturday in solidarity with you and all other workers taking action at our SOLIDARITY WITH THE STRIKERS: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH march and rally.
The Workers United Will Never Be Defeated!

Solidarity. You know you are standing in a great tradition of fighting Liverpool dockers. Forwards to victory. [Stop] the Tories and their attacks on workers and the poor.
Ex NUT County Secretary and activist. Northampton

Solidarity to striking workers - all power to you! Thank you for taking action and fighting for a better more just world where workers labour is properly paid.

Especially backing you after my first visit to Liverpool (17-20 Sept), went with friends as my birthday was on that weekend and only happened to find something online by chance that you were striking after I got home. Unfortunately we returned on morning of the 20th, had we stayed longer and I'd known beforehand I might have tried to join you to support in person. As it is, I've been supporting some local actions and happened to keep a placard on my backpack even while travelling encouraging people to join a union (I saw no reason to stop spreading the message). I support all workers standing for their rights and really hope you folks win a righteous victory soon.
Solidarity from Yeovil, Somerset.

Solidarity from me in the West Country to the dockers in Liverpool!✊🚩. MDHC should stop being stubborn and pay the dockers a decent wage, they have no excuses! Keep fighting!

It was great to be able to bring a bit of support from Manchester TUC to the picket this afternoon. I've posted a little update and some pics to spread the word: here.  If any of the strikers would like to visit Manchester to raise some solidarity we would be happy to help arrange that.
Ian Allinson

Brothers and sisters of the Liverpool dock lands. Although I am in Australia, I am one of you guys. I grew up on Smithdown Road and I support your stance for better pay. I am a proud unionist do my part over here but I hear you. We all hear you. We, the cfmeu support you!!
Have a go, dig in and fight for what’s right.

Well done to each and everyone of you taking a stand. Soon firemen and the NHS are balloting and your example is helping not just yourselves but all who deserve a fair pay rise.

Solidarity with the Liverpool Dockers strike for a fair psy rise. Stay firm.

I'm on your side! It sickens me to see these huge profits being made and not going to the people who did all the work. Every day during lockdown I used to think of how you were all going to work to make sure that the food and goods continued to come into the country and our exporters continued to be able to export. You are all heroes.

Love and solidarity from Liverpool John Moores UCU branch. It's time we showed where the power in this country really lies with us, the people who do the work, whether on the docks or in schools, universities or offices. We're just at the beginning of term but will come down with our banner to show solidarity later this week. Together we are stronger than any government
From Marie and Terry Harrison, Merseyside Pensioners Association ,lifelong Trade Unionists and Socialists.

Solidarity to all those fighting for better pay and conditions. Liverpool Dockers we are proud of you.

As a now retired NHS paramedic and life long union member I send all solidarity and support for the Liverpool dockers striking for a decent wage and conditions. Keep going, your fight is our fight!!

Full support for all action to win a fair pay rise. Employers should treat their staff with respect and make sure they are protected from the cost of living crisis. Keep up the fight comrades!!

Thanks for taking a determined stand for a fairer distribution of MHDC's profits. Solidarity with and victory to your strike. The Liverpool dockers have long been and remain a source of inspiration for so many trade unionists!

Solidarity! Don't give in. An injury to the is an in injury to all. One out, ALL out!

Do what you need to do, the city is behind you.

Well done those dockers. Stay strong. The future of the working class and our youth depends on you - your fight is our fight and their fight 💕

Solidarity from Greater Mersey Amal branch of the C.W.U.

Solidarity with our comrades: Liverpool dock workers, striking for fair pay in a cost of living crisis made worse by a tory government hell bent on making the rich richer and the workers pay! Solidarity from UCU City of Liverpool College✊️✊️✊️

" The great appear great because we are on our knees. Let us us rise! " Big Jim Larkin.
Rise like lions after slumber in unvanquishable number, shake your chains to earth like dew, which in sleep had fallen you. Ye are many -- they are few. Shelley.
Solidarity comrades. Unite branch member NW559 Up the workers.

Keep your spirits up!! Your stand will make a difference to many. I sat and in solidarity with you all and hope for a quick resolution.

Good luck and Solidarity from us at GMB 173 Gas Branch

Never give up or if in. Good luck to everyone striking. 👍

Your fight is our fight. This really is shaping up to be the autumn of discontent. You have the full support of the trade union movement. Solidarity ✊🏽

Keep on with your fight, I strongly believe that ALL unions in this country should come out on strike TOGETHER in our fight for a fairer deal and conditions with our employers but also after the latest budget to take on this vicious right wing government and bring the bastard's down. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Solidarity with all fellow workers ✊✊✊.

As an NHS worker I totally support any industrial action taken by workers fighting for better pay and conditions. It's an inspiration for the rest of the workforce to take action and stand united against this appalling right-wing Tory government.
Solidarity Jeff

Solidarity from France.

Thinking of all The Liverpool Dockers who have had the courage and determination to stand on the picket line, even through the night! You're an inspiration! Everyone who has the courage to strike for #JobsPayConditions stands up workers everywhere. Thank you all.
Keri Howe 💪❤️✊

Wages have been stifled for many years now. So the Dockers need a fair wage out of the huge profits.

Go on you're doing what's right👍👍👍

With you 100% and all striking workers. We've got to look after each other. From a concerned member of the public sick of Tory and Labour lies. They are not representing us, we have to fight for our class because they won't. Well done to all the brave men and women standing up for better pay and conditions and for the very fabric of this country.

Keep up the good work. Solidarity. #YNWA

Solidarity to you all. Your fight is our fight!

Solidarity comrades from PCS NW. Liverpool Dock workers have a proud history of fighting back and standing up against the bosses. You're inspiring workers everywhere once again.

Hello brothers and sisters. I would like to send the utmost solidarity to you guys who are fighting, much love.

You have the best picket line bar none. Solidarity to you all. Your fight is our fight. All the best ✊️

Solidarity with you all in your strike. From Wirral Trades Union Council.

!Solidarity in your fight for fair pay!
Cherie - UCU Member

Solidarity to the striking Dock workers! Shameful that so many companies are refusing to pay in line with current raising prices. Hope the win comes swiftly for you.

Proud son of a former Liverpool docker, watched my dad and his comrades fight the same fight you are currently fighting. Your fight is my fight and the fight of working class people the world over. Solidarity with you all ✊️

Stay strong Dockers we are all supporting you . Sharon Graham did it for me . Solidarty from 654 Queens Rd.
Drivers Manchester.

Solidarity from Betsi Cadwaladr health Board Unite Branch , you are amazing ! Keep going you are showing this Tory government and corrupt Big Bosses that our workers ARE VITAL to this country .

Keep it up lads and show these people that the ordinary working men & women are no longer prepared to put up with these wealthy business owners getting away with this appalling treatment of the working class by pocketing all the profits that wouldn't be possible without an excellent workforce!