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Billionaire-owned Liverpool port has raked in profits of £141 million. But is denying dockers a cost of living pay rise.  With RPI inflation at 12.3%, anything less is a pay cut!

We won’t tolerate companies getting richer, while workers get poorer.

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We will not accept pay cuts. We will not accept the way we are being treated." 

Watch & Share - Unite general secretary Sharon Graham on the Liverpool dockers' picket line:

On strike from 20 September to 3 October

More than 560 dockers working for MDHC at the Port of Liverpool are taking two weeks strike action from 20/09 over a pitiful below inflation pay offer. And over MDHC’s failure to respect the 2021 pay agreement.

Shame on MDHC


Food, fuel prices ... everything in the world is going up apart from our wages unfortunately.”

Liverpool docker talking from the picket line

MDHC ought to be ashamed of itself.  This is a company that can afford to pay.

Owned by the Peel Group, which is based in the Isle of Man tax haven, and is majority owned by the billionaire UK tycoon John Whittaker, who is worth more than £1.4bn and is also based in the Isle of Man, MDHC is not short of cash.

In fact, MDHC is sitting pretty on the £141 million in profits it has made.

Now our members just want their fair slice. They want inflation - anything less  is a pay cut, and that's not acceptable. 

Please send your messages of solidarity and put up a poster to back their fight.

Together we can win.

They wouldn’t be making those profits without us. We’re not being greedy. We’re just asking for inflation." 

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