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Back London’s Bus Routes | Take Action Today

London’s buses are key to keeping London moving. People rely on the bus network to get to and from work, and with over 9,000 of the iconic red buses operating across 675 routes they keep London moving. However, London’s bus routes are under threat. Transport for London has announced plans to cut services across London, which means the route you rely on may be changed or even gone altogether.

Join Unite’s campaign to keep London’s bus routes – take action today - consultation closed 6 August

If you catch a bus this matters to you, tell TfL to shelve its plans. Add your voice to the campaign because the proposed London bus cuts will result in:

  • Increased overcrowding
  • Longer journey times
  • Longer waits at bus stops
  • Disrupted journeys/need to change more often
  • More congestion on roads due to increased car usage
  • Increased pollution and climate change due to more cars on the road

The reduction in service will hit the poorest Londoners the greatest as bus travel is far cheaper than other forms of transport. Unite also fears that the jobs of bus workers, including engineers, cleaning and catering staff, will be put at risk. If you catch a bus this matters to you, tell TfL to shelve its plans. The consultation may have closed, but you can still tell TfL the plans won’t work

You can check to see if TfL has provided any updates on the London bus cuts consultation page.

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