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Babcock: Fight for fairness

End shift pay disparity – it’s #PlaneWrong

Babcock Aerospace workers from RAF Leeming in North Yorkshire, just want what’s fair. They have been on strike since 20 January over the defence giant’s refusal to pay them the same shift payments for carrying out the same safety critical duties as workmates at RAF Valley in Wales. It means they’re losing out on around £5,000 a year.

It’s a lot of money and given Babcock’s is paid billions of pounds of our taxpayer money from hundreds of UK government contracts, and is the second largest supplier to the Ministry of Defence, we think it should treat its workers better.


It’s time to ask our MPs to dial up the pressure. Every MP in every constituency should want Babcock’s to settle this dispute and treat its workers fairly. Please take a minute to email your MP, use the form below and ask them to sign this EDM 1614. 

What’s going on at Babcock’s?

The new CEO, David Lockwood has only been in the job six months and industrial unrest is already spreading across military bases. Now 1,000 workers at the Coulport and Faslane navy bases on the Clyde have walked out over pay and bargaining rights. You can follow Unite Scotland's #TurnTheTide campaign here: Unite Scotland Facebook

The 50 highly skilled workers at RAF Leeming provide operational and engineering support for the Hawk TMk1 training aircraft operated by 100 Squadron. Many are ex-service personnel who take great pride in their work and the RAF. But they feel badly let down by Babcock. If this drives them to leave, it will be hugely destabilising for the business. No CEO will want that.


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Please ask your MP to sign EDM 58245 and support Babcock workers in their fight for fairness. It's time to end shift pay disparity. Simply enter your postcode in the box to the left. We've drafted a template letter, so you can enter your details and press send. But it's much more powerful to write your own message. Just delete the template and start again.




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