Seven 'shovel ready’ projects to create employment and green our economy

2020 was a terrible year for jobs. 2021 must be the year where jobs are saved and created.

Unite has been working with economic experts, Acuity Analysis, to pull together job-creating programmes that could give the best, quickest and greenest return on direct government intervention and investment in the economy.

We have identified seven manufacturing projects which are `shovel ready', that is they could start now to help recover our economy and provide enormous benefits in terms of how we live and work.

The green revolution is the bridge to a better future for working people and our communities but we need to build it now. From fixing our homes to investing in faster broadband, from green shipping to battery plants, government investment will be rewarded with jobs, a major and sustained economic boost and a healthier planet.

Our manufacturing jobs plan points to a positive way forward for working people. Please read it and share it.