Thank you for signing up

Thank you for signing up as a Labour Party affiliated supporter.

If you clicked the link through to this after 11pm on Sunday 7th August 2016 then your application may not have been processed in time to be eligible to vote in the Labour leadership election.  If you would like to register, you can do this right up until the Labour Party's deadline of noon on 8th August by filling in the form at

What happens next

By clicking the link on Unite's recent email before the 7th August deadline, you have submitted an application to be an affiliated supporter of the Labour Party.  Amongst other things, affiliated supporters can vote in the leadership election.

Your application will be submitted to the Labour Party on Monday 8th August. The Labour Party will then check your address against the electoral register and will run checks to ensure that no supporters of other political parties have applied. If you pass these checks, you will be accepted as an affiliated supporter and put into the balloting process. If you do not pass a check, for example if the Labour Party cannot find you on the electoral register, then you will be emailed and given an opportunity to demonstrate that your application should be accepted.

Ballots will be sent out by the Labour Party by email from 22nd August 2016.  It is likely that your email will be sent later than this, but please be sure to check your email including the spam folder.  The ballot is being conducted by the Labour Party and any queries should be directed to

The ballot closes at noon on 21st September, with the result annouced at a special Conference on 24th September.

Getting in touch

To find out more about Unite's political work, contact your regional political officer: