Your Party Your Voice

Following a Labour party rule change, trade union members now actively choose to be part of their union’s collective affiliation and can also become individual affiliated supporters - a new category of Labour party member. 
Unite now has over 100,000 affiliated supporters who signed up to take part in the recent Labour party leadership elections.  However, we want our affiliated supporters to do more than cast votes, we want you to take the opportunity to get involved in your local Labour party. 
As an affiliated supporter, you are entitled to attend your local Labour party branch meetings and also Constituency Labour party meetings that are open to all members, as a non-voting member, as well as get involved in campaigning and be invited to local Labour party events.  
You do not need to pay anything to become an affiliated supporter as the cost is covered through the political levy of your trade union subscriptions.  
To become an affiliated supporter, complete the online form below.  

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