Work, Voice, Pay Monthly

Work Voice Pay Monthly is a monthly bulletin for Shop Stewards and Reps, designed to work alongside the new Pay Claim Generator, to help you keep up-to-date with the very latest inflation figures, Work Voice Pay bargaining data and news, sector-by-sector. 

You can see the largest companies in your sector that are “raking it in” and the official median pay rates in your sector and region. Download the update for your sector here.

Type Name Size
Link Type Icon Aerospace and Shipbuilding February 2018 1.55Mb
Link Type Icon Automotive February 2018 1.39Mb
Link Type Icon Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Process, Textiles February 2018 1.36Mb
Link Type Icon Civil Air Transport February 2018 1.35Mb
Link Type Icon Docks, Rail, Ferries & Waterways February 2018 1.47Mb
Link Type Icon Education February 2018 1.41Mb
Link Type Icon Energy & Utilities February 2018 1.44Mb
Link Type Icon Engineering & Manufacturing February 2018 1.53Mb
Link Type Icon Finance and Legal February 2018 1.17Mb
Link Type Icon Food, Drink & Agriculture February 2018 1.5Mb
Link Type Icon Government, Defence, Prisons & Contractors Febraury 2018 1.5Mb
Link Type Icon GPM & IT February 2018 1.41Mb
Link Type Icon Health Febraury 2018 1.42Mb
Link Type Icon Local authorities February 2018 1.46Mb
Link Type Icon Metals (inc Foundry) February 2018 1.6Mb
Link Type Icon Passenger Transport February 2018 1.45Mb
Link Type Icon RTC, Logistics and Retail Distribution February 2018 1.5Mb
Link Type Icon Service Industries February 2018 1.48Mb