Work Voice Pay

Work, Voice, Pay is the cornerstone of our Union’s industrial strategy. At Unite we know that it is only by delivering at the workplace that we remain relevant to working people. It is our success or failure at the bargaining table that we are ultimately judged on.

 Len McCkluskeyI am delighted that our research consistently proves that Unite negotiations secure better pay deals for working people. But we are determined to help further improve delivery for our members at the workplace. At its core this pledge focuses on what our Union does best:

  • Securing good jobs and decent work
  • Making sure workers have a strong and effective voice
  • Getting decent pay and conditions

 As part of this programme Unite is providing this industrial toolkit to support Unite shop stewards. Here you will find:

  • Work, Voice, Pay guides
  • Pay and Anniversary date data
  • A Pay Claim Generator
  • An Employer Profile Generator
  • And at a future date, Unite Agreements

 These resources are designed to assist you, our shop stewards and representatives. I hope that they will help you to campaign for better pay and conditions for Unite members.

Yours Fraternally, 

Len Signature

Len McCluskey,
General Secretary