The research team

John Earls - Head of Research

Research Officers
Rick Graham - Graphical, Paper, Media & Information Technology, General Engineering, Manufacturing & Servicing and Communication Managers Association (CMA)
James Lazou - Health. Local Authorities, Community and Youth Workers & Not for Profit
John Neal - Passenger Transport, Road Transport Commercial, Logistics & Retail Distribution, Service Industries (except CMA) and Company Information
Colin Potter - Civil Air Transport, Docks, Ferries Waterways & Railways and Energy & Utilities
Bridget Henderson - Food, Drink & Tobacco, Rural and Agriculture, Education and Equal pay in local government
Ben Norman - Automotive

Specialist Areas

Health & Safety

Pia Westin- Admin

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* Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Process & Textiles, Metals (incl. Foundry), Building, Construction and Allied Trades; Aerospace and Shipbuilding; Government, Defence, Prisons & Contractors to be confirmed (requests to John Earls or Pia Westin)