New Health & Safety Rep?

Brown BookAre you a new safety rep or a safety rep who has not been issued with a Unite safety rep’s credential card?  If so, read on…

It's a well established fact that unionised workplaces with active safety reps are safer workplaces. Safety reps have considerable rights to carry out their functions. Full details can be found in Safety representatives and safety committees, also known as the Brown Book.  Download the Brown Book

Unite health & safety guide 2013The Unite Health and Safety guide is another very useful source of information. Download the Unite Health and Safety guide here.

More resources such as guidance on what safety reps do, inspection checklists etc can be found here.

If you become a Unite safety rep, written notification must be given to your employer stating:

The name of the representative(s) and the group of employees they represent.  So you need to inform your Regional Office of your appointment. They will write to your employer for you and give you credentials in the form of a safety rep card.


Make sure you enrol on one of our safety training courses, for which your employer is obliged to give you paid release.