International Women's Day - Thursday 8 March 2018

March 8th was declared International Women’s Day by the United Nations in 1975, but the idea of an international day of women’s solidarity goes back to 1910, when women from fourteen countries meeting in Copenhagen heard a proposal from German socialist and feminist Clara Zetkin that an annual International Women’s Day be held in each country, allowing women to voice local as well as general demands.

By the 1980s, March 8th – International Women’s Day – had become a fixture in the Irish trade union calendar and has been used to highlight issues of particular concern to women. These range from the gender pay gap to the lack of  accessible and affordable childcare, as well as many other issues affecting women in the 21st century.

International Women’s Day - Solidarity Greetings from the Unite National Women's Committee 

Thin king about an apprenticeship? Women who work in Engineering and Science talk about their jobs. What do we do all day? - Download the leaflet here

Family rights guide Unite represents a third of a million working women across industries and services in a wide range of jobs.

Unite welcomes progress on women’s equality that has been struggled for and achieved, but is concerned at continuing discrimination, unequal pay, harassment and violence against women, and the under-representation of women in leadership at all levels.

By joining Unite you too can get involved in achieving equality for the diversity of women of all ages.

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Contact us

Unite national contacts
128 Theobald’s Road, Holborn, London WC1X 8TN, email us

Siobhan Endean, national officer for equalities, 020 7611 2635

Diana Holland, assistant general secretary, transport - equalities - food, 020 7611 2640

Anooshah Farakish, research officer for equalities, 020 7611 2639

Regional women’s & equalities organisers

East Midlands - Maureen Scott-Douglas, 01332 548400
Ireland - Taryn Trainor, Belfast 028 90 232 381 / Dublin +353 (0) 1873 4577
London & Eastern - Carolyn Simpson, 0208 800 4281
North East Yorkshire & Humberside - Sue Pollard, 0113 236 4830
North West - Sharon Hutchinson, 0151 203 1907
Scotland - Lorna Glen, 0141 404 5424
South East - Janet Henney, 01293 613 795
South West - Karen Cole, 0117 923 0555
Wales - Mel Whitter, 02920 394521
West Midlands - Natalia Stepnowska and Lynn Shakespeare, 0121 553 6051