Working people can hope again

Working people can hope again

02 October 2012

 Reacting to the speech made today (Tuesday 2 October) by Ed Miliband, leader of the Labour party, Unite general secretary Len McCluskLen McCluskey speakingey said: "This is a tour de force.  It is the best speech from a Labour leader I have heard and it will offer genuine hope to voters.

 "Ed Miliband made it abundantly clear that Labour will get us off the miserable path dug by this government.  

 "We can now start hoping once again - working-class people can feel that the party is back on their side.

 "He drew a line under most of the blunders and misconceptions of the new Labour years.  

 "Ed’s promise is to restore our country to its people.  Decent homes and services; fairness before favours for the rich and powerful; our NHS back where it belongs, in public hands – these will make us thrive again.   

 "Labour must speak for the public against the rampage of private interests.  Speak for the people whose talents are wasted and aspirations destroyed. Shake up our banks and take back our NHS. And yes, put the burden on those with the broadest shoulders.  That is the agenda set out today."


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