Unite news digest 4 March 2014

News digest 4 March 2014

04 March 2014

Today’s top reads: Stories to keep an eye out for:

·                Ukraine crisis: US-Europe rifts surfacing as Putin tightens Crimea grip – Guardian

·                Hope of tax cuts for millions - Express

·                How I would make our health system fit for the 21st Century – Ed Miliband - Telegraph

·                Clegg: Five more years of coalition government - Indie

·                Farage: The leader that does not talk like a PR man – Ross Clark - Express

·                VIDEO: Pope drops the F-bomb in front of thousands in weekly Vatican address - Mirror

Ukraine tops the agenda in most newspapers with fears of a new cold war emerging, although the response from the West seems mixed. While US president Barack Obama has threatened to ‘isolate’ Russia, EU ministers are resisting trade sanctions. This may have something to do with the fact that Russia has lots of gas, which much of Europe relies on to heat homes, as well as the rather vast size of the Russian army and its associated firepower. Although foreign secretary William Hague was in Kiev yesterday, the main news on government plans came from the leak after a page of a government paper was photographed being carried in to Downing Street, will they ever learn. The paper sums up the approach as ‘no sanctions or military action’, Russian president Vladimir Putin must be quaking in his boots, but the main concern is the collapse in the global economy as markets dive and investors flock to investing in safe havens, not many of them around…

Prime minister David Cameron is otherwise occupied. Today he is effectively due to outline why he thinks cuts are ideological, and in a trailed speech in the West Midlands he is also expected to trail a tax cut for lower earners, whether that will match the top rate cut gifting £40,000 to rich millionaires is another matter…

From Cameron to Labour leader Ed Miliband who focused on the NHS, writing in the Telegraph he outlines how Labour ‘will help patients to help themselves.’ All well and good, but the focus at the moment should also be on saving our NHS, the Unite campaign against clause 119 continues, if you haven’t already email your MP to oppose the hospital closure clause.

And from Miliband to deputy prime minister Nick Clegg which features on the front of the indie arguing that the Lib Dems should prepare for five more years of coalition government, he must be the only one who would believe that, although the Indie poll shows that voters are warming to two party government, then again we all know the result of the last Lib Lab pact…

But could it be a Tory/Ukip coalition? Unlikely as Ukip seems to be taking Tory votes hardest, but Ross Clark in the Express continues to give Farage an easy ride, because he does not sound like a PR man, it does not however say that he sounds like a little Englander wanting women to stay at home, immigrants to go home, workers’ rights to be slashed and a flat rate of tax so millionaires pay the same as the cleaners that sweep their mansions from top to bottom. There’s only one word for Farage and that’s unprintable…

Speaking of which, Pope Francs comes in for a bit of ribbing today after he accidently used the F-word as he gave his weekly Vatican address, millions of Catholics were listening as he proffered what some papers call the Holy swearword, but then again I seem to remember the line has always been “I swear by…” now we know that can also be taken quite literally…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  • Fuel bills soar 55 per cent (p1)
  • 200 face jobless future as Kodak shuts plant (p2) – Unite/Chris Daly cited
  • Soas cleaners’ strike (p3)
  • Faslane nuclear base workers strike over pay (p5) – Unite/Ian Waddell cited
  • The origins of the fault lines in Ukraine – Kenny Coyle (p8)

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Cameron to signal tax cuts (p4)
  • Cameron aide held on child abuse pics (p40)
  • No sanctions for Ukraine (p6-7)
  • Childcare costs top mortgages (p8)
  • Power bills up 55 per cent (p8)
  • Swear to God – Pope Francis F-bomb (p26)
  • 28 pubs a week shut (p40)
  • Stagecoach £100 million boost (p40)



  Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Ukraine crisis spreads (p1/6-7)
  • Cameron to pledge tax and spending cuts (p2)(p)
  • Energy bills soar (p4)
  • No plan to deal with lack of A&E doctors (p18)
  • Johnson: I may stand as MP (p21)
  • Hodge – Labour’s female Boris? (p25)
  • Serco bumps up board numbers with Lomax (p37)
  • RBS withdraws credit from small companies (p39)
  • Workers ‘love’ zero hours contract, says biggest recruiter (p41)
  • Factories cut production for third month (p43)




  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • War fears decimate Russian sticks (p1)
  • Whitehall appoints minder to check G4S (p2)
  • Energy costs and loans hinder industry (p3)
  • Cable backs all-female shortlists (p4)
  • Tories divided on income tax reform (p4)
  • Tories divided on income tax reform (p4)
  • Unilever to sell Ragu brand (p19)
  • Geneva preview (p210(p)

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