Unite news digest 24 September 2014

News digest 24 September 2014

24 September 2014

Today’s digest opens with the keynote speech from Labour leader Ed Miliband at yesterday’s Labour party conference which has mixed coverage in the press, as usual the right wing papers go for the jugular with the Mail not even covering it on the front page  and inside calling a it a ‘clunker of a speech’ while  the Sun summing it up as Miliband’s ‘deficit disorder’ after the Labour leader forgot to mention the deficit section of his speech [perhaps he was being nice to chancellor George Osborne after figures showed the deficit  is getting worse?]. The Indie calls it a coherent social democratic vision while the Guardian argues Miliband is laying down the gauntlet by placing the NHS at the heart of the general election battle while the Mirror goes for the ‘Eding for No 10’ headline. In essence Miliband outlined a six point plan to tackle the cost of living crisis, give people hope, build more homes, tackle low wages, become a world leader in green technologies and build a world-class health and social care service fit for modern times and under imminent threat from Tory plans for effective wholesale privatisation of the service. Commenting, Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “Ed Miliband’s speech today gave a clear message of hope to the millions of people who have suffered under the cruel economic and social policies of the coalition since it came to power in 2010 ... the keys of Number 10 are within his grasp. He is the only political leader that can re-energise a united Britain to face the daunting economic, social, constitutional and foreign challenges that lie ahead.”

Today at conference the focus remains on the NHS and the Guardian has coverage of the strike ballots over pay with up to 500,000 NHS staff potentially taking strike action [the Unite NHS ballot closes this Friday], that comes as both the Sun and Telegraph highlight how pay in the NHS is ‘warped’ as managers have seen increases at six times the rate of nurses, as ever those at the top get the big bucks while the rest have to suffer stagnating wages, typical of Tory Britain. And evidence of business as usual continues with Barclays the latest bank to be fined [so much for all change in the City], complaints about Labour’s plans for hedge funds as being ‘worse than the financial transactions tax’ [meaning it is definitely a good thing] while the Indie reports that Goldman Sachs has been accused of ‘daylight robbery’ [actually it is stealing daylight with its new office, rather than any financial tricks – but you never know], but the key comment on the financial front is that the cuts are  not working as the deficit is not going down, James Moore in the Indie has the right idea, his message: “Pay rises are the answer to reducing our deficit”, yep, Britain needs a pay rise…

Edited by Mik Sabiers

  Morning Star

  Daily Mirror

  Sun (no links all stories now behind paywall)

  • Ed’s deficit disorder (p1/10)
  • Purr majesty (p2)
  • Nurses: NHS pay warped (p2)
  • Operation Isil (p6-7)
  • Ed’s a flatliner (p10-11)
  • Another fine mess at Barclays (p45)
  • Sour for Tate over profit warning (p44)






  FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Air strikes start against Isil (p1)
  • Miliband to tap ‘privileged few’ to provide £2.5bn boost for the NHS (p1)
  • Mansion tax levy to raise £1.2bn a year (p2)
  • Recovery fails to plug gap in public finances (p4)
  • Leader: Miliband fails to present a blueprint (p12)
  • Tax inversion crackdown throws Shire deal into doubt (p17)
  • Hyundai motor workers strike (p20)
  • Probe hampers Tesco turnaround strategy (p23)

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