News digest 7 March 2013

News digest 7 March 2013

07 March 2013

There are three key messages in today’s digest. The first is from Unite general secretary Len McCluskey writing on LabourList reminded the overall movement would do well to show more humility and respect to comrades in the trade union movement: “They connect us to millions of our voters. They ground us in workplaces and communities. They remind Labour that the collective is at the heart of our cause, because, as Harold Wilson once observed, our party is a cause or it is nothing at all.” Len continued the call for investment-led economic growth and an end to the low-growth low-wage economy through greater trade union freedoms and tighter controls over the market. The Con-Dem cuts are leading Britain in the wrong direction away from a decent, collegiate society to one solely to support the rich, ruling classes.

And talking of attacks on the rich, Venezuela is in mourning after the untimely death of president Hugo Chavez on Tuesday. Chavez, who is credited with turning around the politics of South America, died late on Tuesday and his passing has seen many world leaders saluting the legacy of his socialist administration which had brought hope to millions of people. Said Len: “[Chavez] embodied and represented a people who refused to accept that grinding poverty and social exclusion could be tolerated while massive wealth was stockpiled in the hands of a few. Under his leadership Venezuela has been transformed beyond recognition for the better. The control of the country’s huge natural resources has been placed back in the hands of the people and the wealth used to improve the lives of millions. For the first time Venezuela’s poor have received medical attention when they needed it while housing and social care have been massively improved … Unite stands shoulder to shoulder with the Venezuelan people in this difficult time and will continue to work with all like-minded forces to defend the gains that have been made in the pursuit of justice and equality.” He will be remembered.

And another workers’ hero is also cited in the Mirror, namely Jack Jones, late general secretary of Unite’s predecessor union. Brian Reade tells the tale of the courageous and charismatic giant and why his message needs to be more widely known. The Jack Jones Trust has been established to do just that – go to for more details on this great man and the difference he made to millions of people’s lives from challenging fascism in Spain, winning new rights and more pay for workers and championing pensioners in his retirement…

In other news the impact of Con-Dem cuts continue with 2,500 jobs lost at Thomas Cook, Cable says he has a plan B while prime minister David Cameron says we must stick to the course, it seems that course is sadly scorched earth, even worse is Cameron says the problems in the NHS are due to Labour not his top down reorganisation and while the government says it will get tough on payday lenders, it won’t cap the interest rates, the sharks must be quaking in their boots, but then it could soon be bye bye Cameron and hello May as the Tories try to think of a way out of the Osborne omnishambles and look to the home secretary as a possible replacement for the prime minister, well she was the one who coined the phrase the nasty party…

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  • Thomas Cook to cut high street stores (p22)

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