News digest 5 June 2013

News digest 5 June 2013

05 June 2013

The digest opens with a strong riposte to the rushed out plans on lobbying which are exposed as a cover to attack trade unions. With the plans attacked from the right with Conservative Home publishing a piece titled: If the Tory leadership wants to restore trust in politics, they should avoid playing politics over the unions, and the FT reporting that lobbyists may challenge the changes on human rights grounds Unite general secretary Len McCluskey does not mince his words in a piece for the Guardian’s comment is free titled: Lobbying scandal? Better bring up the stale old anti-union vomit. Len argues: “There is a proper debate to be had about cleaning up politics but trade unions are not part of the problem – our entire involvement in politics is regulated by legislation and rulebooks … and we are answerable to the law and our own members for everything we do. As the largest voluntary organisations in the country, we are part of the solution. Our active members are among the foot-soldiers of democracy. For the government to target them while giving a pass to the sleazy top brass reveals that, for this coalition, partisan expediency will always trump principle. And that is why they are held in such contempt.” If the Con-Dems have any sense it’s back to the drawing board for some proper not partisan proposals...

And it should also be back to the drawing board over the Thameslink deal. Had the government listened to not only the workers at Bombardier keen to secure their factory but to industry experts keen to keep train manufacturing in the country the project could have been on schedule. As it is a report from the National Audit Office warns the government may miss its deadlines due to repeated hold-ups on the rail carriage deal which could end up shunting the project off the rails. Time for government to tell Siemens to finally sign the deal or award it to Derby based Bombardier instead.

In other industrial news there are some positive signs of growth with housebuilding lifting the construction sector while the Telegraph reports on the countdown to the new £2.5 billion Terminal 2 at Heathrow. However the news on the high street remains poor with the Sun reporting that 5,000 high street shops are expected to close over the next five years. This comes just as chancellor George Osborne issues an ultimatum to ministers ahead of the comprehensive spending review, the warning is cut now or face worse to come. Well judging from the last three years one thing you are sure of with the Con-Dems is there’s always worse to come as the scorched earth policy of this one-term coalition continues to undermine the country…

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 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Hospitals must close to save NHS, say doctors (p1)
  • Proposals to fire MPs fall short of voter expectations (p2)
  • ‘Treadmill families’ beat the brunt as recession grinds on (p4)
  • Industrial policy is back in vogue – Daniel Finkelstein (p23)
  • How to fix the A&E emergency – Alice Thomson (p25)
  • Snarling MPs savage new bank watchdog (p35)
  • Change course at RBS before it’s too late (p39)
  • AstraZeneca has another bitter pill (p40)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • RBS split considered (p2)
  • Opponents of lobbying bill plan human rights case (p2)
  • Watford puzzled by Bildeberg luminaries (p3)
  • UK leads Europe on inward investment (p3)
  • Construction given shot in arm (p4)
  • HSBC sued over homer loan failures (p16)
  • Norway oil fund buys UK warehouses (p13)

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