News digest 5 December 2012

News digest 5 December 2012

05 December 2012

The digest opens with the preview of the chancellor’s autumn statement with George Osborne due to step up to the despatch box after PMQs this lunchtime. Expect no real change just more pain and austerity, Osborne will try and find some money for some flagship projects, but it will be very much robbing the poor to pay for plans that will benefit his rich chums rather than ordinary Britons.

If the papers are anything to go by the FT says austerity will last until 2018, the Indie notes that Osborne’s plans will see 13,000 more civil servants sacked, the Times says Osborne will hit banks and make cuts to police, flood defences and social care to fund more schools. The real impact on ordinary working people is seen by a number of papers looking at spending power with reports showing the recession has slashed spending power for ordinary people by 10 per cent.  

The main issue is that with the deficit not coming down Osborne will look to find £5 billion more cuts, so much for sticking to his pledge, but then it is a day of broken pledges as the other key Cameron one on protecting the NHS has been proven to be untrue as NHS spending has fallen according to the health watchdog.  As ever with this shower of a government never trust a word they say…

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 Daily Mirror




 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Osborne hits banks again (p1)
  • Cameron set to offer vote on Europe (p3)
  • Cameron threatens to legislate on press (p6)
  • Cuts to police, flood defences and social care to fund more schools (p8)
  • Belfast braced for more trouble (p20)
  • Poorest pay heavy price for rising costs of essentials (p46)
  • Banking union dealt fresh blow amid fears for City (p50)
  • Nuclear plants granted stay of execution (p53)
  • Fastjet proves to be fast worker (p53)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Osborne to extend austerity until 2018 (p1)
  • Chancellor sets out to woo workers (p2)
  • Extra costs in new look PFI spark row (p3)
  • MPs to look into tax anomalies (p4)
  • Clock ticks for editors (p4)
  • Letters come back to haunt HBOS (p19)
  • Greene King toasts strong growth *(p21)
  • TUI boosted by early booking (p22)

 Edited by Mik Sabiers

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