News digest 5 April 2013

News digest 5 April 2013

05 April 2013

Today’s digest  opens with chancellor George Osborne in the frame, but it’s not for parking in a disabled bay – the chancellor is pictured getting into a car in a disable bay on the front of the Mirror – instead it’s for his comments on the Philpott case and the furore over the Daily Mail’s despicable front page. Osborne waded into the debate arguing why the state should fund people like Philpott and saying the case raised fundamental questions about the welfare system. The chancellor was condemned for his comments – even Anne Widdecombe wades in in the Indie - and Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: "It is sickening to see George Osborne exploiting the evil of one man and the death of six children to try and demonise ordinary law-abiding people who are struggling to get by. He has demeaned his high office to sow hate in a desperate attempt to sell his so-called 'reforms' which are making 11.5 million households poorer while millionaires get tax breaks averaging £100,000. Evil exists in all sections of society from the wealthy to the poor. You have to ask would George Osborne and the Tories be seeking to demonise the wealthy with the same vigour if Philpott had been a millionaire?" As ever Osborne’s not just wrong on the economy, this proves he’s wrong on everything.

But tomorrow he and his coterie will be rubbing their hands with glee as a wave of millionaires get ready to bank the windfall of the top rate tax cut. The Sun even reports that hundreds of millionaire bankers will share a £35 million tax cut as 643 bankers will be £53,775 better off, while the top 40 earning bankers will pay almost £100,000 less tax as a result. But then these are the great and the good aren’t they, perhaps not, as one of the other key stories in the papers is the bungling bosses of HBOS who could face a ban on working in the City after they were slammed as overseeing losses of £30 billion over seven years of reckless lending. It says something that after losing all that money that they only could face a ban not that they will…

And from the City to the other side of the world and many papers report the UK could be under threat from Korean nuclear missiles as the men on manoeuvres get ever more twitchy, don’t tell me the threat is just 45 minutes away! Prime minister David Cameron uses the threat as a reason to justify investing in Trident, however rather than grandstanding over military prowess Cameron could instead consider that Trident secures 13,000 advanced engineering jobs, the Indie reports that unions have warned Labour leader Ed Miliband not to abandon Labour’s support for Trident. Let’s see if he listens…

And finally it’s back to that bible of bile, the Daily Mail where columnist Richard Littlejohn tries to rain on former T&G general secretary Jack Jones’ parade [he would have celebrated his 100th birthday last Friday] by dragging up allegations that Jack – one of the greatest trade union leaders ever – was actually a KGB spy. It’s total rubbish and the only reason it gets into print is that you can’t libel the dead, so remember, never believe anything you read in the Daily Mail…

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 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Osborne in storm over benefits (p1)
  • Portillo challenges Cameron’s ‘absurd’ claim of nuclear threat (p8)
  • Labour can’t win if it’s on Philpott’s side (p27)
  • Bank chiefs ‘ignored warnings’ (p39)
  • Unilever chocolate deal (p39)
  • Service sector brings relief (p41)
  • New chief for Fuller’s (p43)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Japan starts monetary revolution (p1)
  • Ex-HBOS trio face City ban call (p1)
  • Osborne angers left with Philpott comments (p2) – Len McCluskey quoted
  • Cameron battles for Trident and union (p3)
  • Civil servants to stage half day strike (p4)
  • BG chiefs to forgo bonuses (p16)
  • Eurotunnel ferry probe extended (p22)

 Edited by Mik Sabiers

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