News digest 4 July 2013

News digest 4 July 2013

04 July 2013

The penultimate day of the #PeopleUnited bus tour sees both buses stationed in Salford for the day. Find out all about what’s happening from the People United website and also get ready to celebrate the 65th birthday of the NHS tomorrow – find out details of events around the country and get involved.

The top story in today’s papers is all about the coup in Egypt as president Morsi’s rule came to an end with the ousting by the country’s military which suspended the constitution after days of tension. It is summed up well by the Telegraph which says after the Arab spring comes the fall…

And while prime minister David Cameron may think he has a spring in his step after he used yesterday’s prime minister’s questions as an excuse to attack Labour and the link to the unions – there’s widespread coverage of the return to base level Punch and Judy politics at PMQs – the reality is that he neglects to remember that it was the unions that founded the Labour party and it is the unions that speak up for millions of working people across the country. Unite general secretary Len McCluskey slammed Cameron for his cheap political shots: “David Cameron showed today that he has nothing to say to the people of this country who are suffering because of his government's shambolic handling of the economy. He dismissed questions on food banks in order to point score and cheapened the office of prime minister by signalling loudly and clearly that he does not care about people's real worries. He may have an obsession with me and Unite the union, but I can assure him it’s one that is not shared by the one million young people stuck on the dole, or at the food banks turning people away or among the patients being treated in hospital corridors.  … there can be absolutely no question about who runs the Labour party: it is Ed Miliband and he has my full support. Yes, there may be issues we disagree on, that is allowed in a democratic party, but Unite is fully behind Ed Miliband and after today’s performance by Cameron the sooner Miliband is prime minister the better." Nuff said.

And for a real view of unions at work, simply turn to the Indie which asks if MPs supposedly deserve a pay rise, why don’t ordinary workers? Although there have been some signs of an upturn in the economy, the continued freezing and squeezing of workers’ wages – which is worsening under the Con-Dems – could strangle the recovery at birth. The TUC outlines a serious case on how higher wages would boost demand and drive a sustained recovery. Time for politicians to listen to ordinary people rather than just play politics…

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 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Egypt in turmoil (p1)
  • Labour accused of exposing whistleblower to union anger (p4) - Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Grayling’s legal aid reforms on hold (p19)
  • Warning signals flash over Portugal (p35)


  • Disgraced Hillsborough officer linked to campaign to smear Lawrence family (p1)
  • Morsi told he had 48 hours (p4-5)
  • Labour admit union paid for 500 new members (p9) - Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • HS2 must not fail – Steve Richards (p16)
  • Miliband left punch drunk by PM’s union taunts (p27) - Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Wage freeze Britain (p50)
  • UK services storm ahead (p52)



 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Egypt military ousts Morsi (p1)
  • Labour leads fightback against [HS2] critics (p2)
  • Leading banker arrested for tax fraud (p2)
  • Leap in services (p3)
  • Russia cuts oil shipments to EU (p13)
  • Interviews start for top job at RBS (p14)

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