News digest 4 April 2013

News digest 4 April 2013

04 April 2013

Today’s digest opens with many of the papers following up on yesterday’s FT story on plans for a general strike. The Indie even puts yesterday’s news on its front page saying that Britain’s biggest unions are swinging behind plans for a general strike with Unison joining Unite in backing further means to challenge the Con-Dem cuts. A couple of the right wing papers use this an excuse to bash Labour leader Ed Miliband with the Sun parroting the government line over union backing for the Labour party. The Express goes with the headline ‘Labour’s red faces at call for general strike’ but in the main the papers underestimate the feeling across the country over out of touch millionaires and the continued attack on every aspect of the country’s framework from the NHS to welfare, legal support and more…

Even as some papers try to foment a new class war by playing the divide and rule tactic the BBC has commissioned a new survey which breaks down Britain into seven social classes rather than just low, middle and upper. There is now a new ‘elite’ class whose wealth sets them apart from the rest of the nation, the reality is this is who the Tories and Lib Dems are backing while the rest of us will struggle to get by. The middle class now accounts for 31 per cent of people but there’s yet more poverty at the bottom of the scale with the traditional working class, followed by service workers and finally the precariat which now covers 15 per cent of the population struggling to get by day in and day out, someone needs to speak up for them…

Instead the government backs the bankers and the energy companies, Scottish and Southern Energy was fined £10.5 million yesterday for tricking customers to switch accounts and the ex bosses of RBS are on alert after a £4 billion lawsuit is lodged to challenge the poor management of the bank. However the real story of the day is the latest report into the culture at the top of Barclays. The Times goes with the headline ‘arrogant and aggressive’ the Guardian says ‘Barclays’ bankers tried to win at all costs’ while the Telegraph says ‘Barclays lost sense of reality’. However, the Mail hits the nail on the head with the simple line: ‘Shame of bank that paid £170 million a year in bonuses’ and shame on the government that will cut those millionaires’ tax bill in two days time. Then again they  may not be around to spend it, after all the clock is ticking in North Korea as Kim Jong-un’s nuclear trigger finger gets ever itchier…

 Morning Star

  • Ferry workers at end of their tether (p9)

 Daily Mirror




 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Pay tax or aid stops, MPs tell Pakistan (p1)
  • The new classes (p7)
  • Cameron risks Lib Dem fallout by nailing his colours to Trident mast (p8)
  • Barclays ‘arrogant and aggressive’ (p41)
  • SSE issues apology (p43)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • High pay fed ethical ‘vacuum’ at Barclays (p1)
  • The Bitcoin bubble (p1)
  • BoE predicts borrowing problems for small businesses (p2)
  • Ofgem fines SSE (p3)
  • RBS sued in £4 billion lawsuit (p16)
  • Mondelez chief’s pay rises to $28.8 million (p18)
  • Babcock eyes extra MoD boost (p20)
  • Pubs raise a cheaper glass (p21)

 Edited by Mik Sabiers

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