News digest 3 July 2013

News digest 3 July 2013

03 July 2013

Only a couple more days to go on the #PeopleUnited bus tour. Today bus one is Blackpool all afternoon before hosting an evening question time while bus two stops off at Stoke-on-Trent from 09:00-12:00 before heading off to Stockport via slasher Osborne’s Knutsford constituency and on to Warrington for the afternoon.

It’s almost clean sweep in the papers with Unite mentioned in every one bar the Express. The main focus remains on Falkirk, with the right wing press eagerly trying  to drive a wedge on the left as the fears of a Miliband victory at the next election come ever closer – the Telegraph’s Mary Riddell outlines how the runes could fall for the coming election. The Mail runs with the headline: ‘Union links of seven in 10 Labour candidates’ which is hardly news while the front page of the Times splashes with ‘Labour forced to step in as union takes over key seats’ but the story really does not stack up. The Sun sums up the right’s view as ‘Red Len’s plot’ and goes for the jugular in its editorial but if you want the real facts head over to LabourList and read Mark Seddon’s piece ‘Time to show the anti trade union brigade the door.

The more shocking front page is the Indie which leads with the views of millionaire work and pensions minister Lord Freud who argues that the rise in food banks ‘has nothing to do with the benefits squeeze’ but more the fact that demand is expanding to meet supply. How out of touch are these lot? There are more than 500,000 Britons using food banks across the country, a shocking indictment of a government that does nothing for ordinary working people.

After yesterday’s front page on allowing schools to operate for profit, there are more worries raised about the NHS, again it looks like some of the right wing papers are looking for excuses to do the service down, but as it moves towards its 65th birthday there are some danger signs, namely the government is looking to charge foreigners to use the health service, once the charges start they are often extended and the head of the NHS has said that fire crews should be used to fill ambulance gaps while the 111 service looks to be at crisis point. If you care about the NHS – simply read the Real Britain Ros column in the Daily Mirror to hear all about the wonders of the NHS’ first baby and her fears for its future - then this Friday (and Saturday) there are events around the country about celebrating our NHS and safeguarding its future, show your support for a service the people love and helps #SaveourNHS…

 Morning Star

 Daily Mirror

  • Blunkett blasts unions (p2) – Unite cited
  • NHS boss: Use fire crews to fill ambulance gaps (p6)
  • Signs of hope on high street (p12-13)
  • Real Britain Ros – NHS at 65 and the People United (p29) – Unite cited
  • RBS: We can’t give it away (p42)



  • Foreigners must pay before being treated on NHS (p2)
  • Ocado sales soar (p50)
  • RBS still in trouble as Lloyds rises (p51)


  • Economic recovery ‘will take 20 years’ (p2)
  • Send firemen on 999 calls not ambulances (p4)
  • Could BBC face probe into pay offs (p8)
  • Union links of seven in 10 Labour candidates (p11) – Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Boris backs illegal immigrants amnesty (p17)
  • RBS probe into loans drought (p19)
  • Co-op warned in 2011 over shortfall (p57)
  • Ocado back in the red (p57)
  • Revenues at National Express hit high speed (p59)

 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Labour forced to step in as union takes over key seats (p1/4) – Unite cited
  • Osborne claims right to act for taxpayers on RBS (p4)
  • Patten to face MPs over pay offs (p10)
  • We no longer believe the Left will look after us – Peter Kellner (p26)
  • Lloyds was warned earlier, MPs told (p39)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Doubts grow on HS2 (p1)
  • Visitors face £200 fee for NHS (p2)
  • Union accused of trying to rig MP selection vote (p2)
  • Why I no longer support a new high-speed rail line – Peter Mandelson (p9)
  • Ex-BoE deputy to study RBS lending (p14)

 Edited by Mik Sabiers

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