News digest 2 May 2013

News digest 2 May 2013

02 May 2013

Today is local election day across much of the country and much of the press has focused on the travailles of the Tory party. Many of the papers report that Ukip is in the ascendant, although if you ask for any policies the programme is light on detail. Ukip party leader Nigel Farage seems to be liking his time in the limelight, although some of his candidates are exposed as questionable in their approach to Nazi ideology to say the least. There’s not much on the Lib Dem campaign, probably as most Lib Dems don’t want to mention their own party, while Labour is pushing its programme, but feeling a bit shaky in what should be solid South Shields where there is also a by-election after the exit of the elder Miliband. Tory leader David Cameron is using the last throw of the EU dice and hinting he may go for an early referendum on Europe as one means to try and neutralise the attack from Ukip, but will it work? We’ll find out tomorrow as the counts come in…

And talking about Europe, demonstrations on May Day crossed the continent as workers united to demand an end to austerity. There could be some moves in that direction with the European Central Bank expected to cut eurozone interest rates today, not sure how much help that will offer, what Europe needs is a good dose of growth. At the London May Day rally Unite general secretary Len McCluskey called for a campaign of civil disobedience and mass industrial action ending his address with the call: “Don’t stand idly by and let everything we hold dear be destroyed.”

And perhaps if companies and people paid their fair share of taxes we would not need all these cuts. Many of the papers report that Google is being dragged before MPs to explain its tax situation, remember it pays tax in the millions while raking in billions. How soon before npower follows, the real travesty is the sweetheart deals that Revenue & Customs have signed up to, good luck to UKUncut challenging the deals in the courts today.

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 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Cameron points to early vote on Europe (p1)
  • Damning hospital report withheld (p1)
  • Local elections (p9)
  • White Britons set to become a minority (p16)
  • May Day marchers attack austerity cuts (p28-29)
  • The double-dip that never was? (p37)
  • Meggitt looks to skies (p40)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Osborne prepared to gamble on bank sales (p1)
  • Hopes rise on export orders (p2)
  • Gloomy Tories braced for losses (p2)
  • Apple in line for $9 billion tax save (p15)
  • Rivals charm RBS over Rainbow sale (p21)
  • Ofcom probes TalkTalk’s BT claims (p22)

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