News digest 2 July 2013

News digest 2 July 2013

02 July 2013

Still following the bus. The #PeopleUnited buses will be in Hartlepool and Derby today check out all the details on the People United website.

Most of the papers continue to comment on the proposed bumper pay rise for MPs. With prime minister David Cameron away dancing with dictators in Kazakhstan, it’s left to his deputy Nick Clegg to respond. The Mail headline quotes him as saying: ‘I’d let all MPs have a pay rise’ but then admits he won’t take it himself. To be honest MPs may not be paid as much as some in the City, but surely a cap on top level salaries, or even perhaps a 50p in the pound top tax rate could go some way to dealing with the disparity rather than rewarding a select few with even more money. The government also called in payday lenders for a summit yesterday, but rather than put a cap on credit the lenders were told they may have to look at their advertising, perhaps they’ll try a new tactic targeting impoverished MPs?

And from MPs pay to pay offs, and the BBC is featured in a number of papers with the news that the broadcaster has handed out some £369 million in severance payments to 7,500 staff over the past eight years although the main bulk was an average £150K payout to over 400 ex-senior managers. Not the best way of spending the licence fee, although one official – Roly Keating – actually handed back his  £376,000 payout. Bit less fat cat salaries and more focus on public service wouldn’t go amiss.

And talking of public service, as the NHS reaches its 65th birthday this week there’s a focus on its future summed up by two different articles. Ross Clark in the Express argues dealing with health tourists will help save the NHS running with the line ‘women fly to Britain late in pregnancy’ which is kind of counter to flight rules. The reality is summed up by Labour leader Ed Miliband in the Mirror quoting him as saying: “The health secretary pretends the NHS is not his responsibility, but he is why it’s in trouble.” Before pledging to restore its heart, there will be a whole host of events this Friday and Saturday so get involved and keep up the fight to #SaveourNHS.

And there’s also plenty of advice for the Labour leader, although some of it could be seen as right-wing mischief making as Rachel Sylvester in the Times and Dan Hodges in the Telegraph try to keep the Falkirk selection in the headlines and use it as a means to try and break the link between unions and the Labour party. Much better advice comes from Polly Toynbee in the Guardian with the piece summed up as: “Labour’s spending worked: Why don’t they defend it?” Quite.

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 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • MPs pay rise unstoppable (p1)
  • Top Labour donor warns party not to hijack EU bill (p2)
  • BBC broke its own contracts (p4)
  • Schools get right to ditch summer holidays (p11)
  • Does McCluskey or Miliband run Labour – Rachel Sylvester (p21) – Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Good news for Carney (p33)
  • Strike action ‘inevitable’ as Royal Mail talks falter (p33)
  • Payday lenders must get advertising message (p37)
  • O’Leary’s deputy switches seats at Ryanair’s top table (p39)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Rothschild to advise on RBS split (p1)
  • HS2 retreat (p1)
  • PM top enshrine marriage tax break for 2015 (p2)
  • Union rejects ‘misleading’ Royal mail pay offer (p2)
  • Payday lenders face tougher regulations on advertising (p3)
  • Stelios ready for fight over jet orders (p18)

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