News digest 25 March 2013

News digest 25 March 2013

25 March 2013

The digest opens with two different calls over workers’ rights. The Morning Star reports blacklisted workers in the construction industry who are continuing their campaign to take on the individuals responsible for their blacklisting. Unite general secretary Len McCluskey said: “It is time the blacklisters were exposed. The contractors will be exposed and the individuals that have had a hand in blacklisting will be exposed.”

However at the same time unions are also mobilising to fight back against an attack on workplace rights. The Morning Star also reports on another conference over the weekend where campaigners issued a stark warning to politicians with Len McCluskey saying Labour was at a crossroads. Len asked: “Is the Labour party still our voice in parliament? Ed Miliband to answer that has to show he’s on side with a radical programme – a programme that includes the return of trade union rights.”

But those very rights are under renewed attacks as Kevin Maguire in the Mirror reports that business secretary Vince Cable is keen to cut workers’ rights even further. The new Enterprise and Regulatory Reform bill is a right-wingers’ charter slashing workplace rights, charging for access to justice and more. If Labour needs to work harder the Lib Dems need to be exposed as the shambles keeping the Con-Dem coalition going and responsible for cuts not just to workplace rights, but also to benefits and across the country as a whole.

And the chief of the coalition seems to be losing the confidence of his backers. As prime minister David Cameron prepares to demonise immigrants in a keynote speech he is lambasted in the press for lacking political punch. The Sun’s Trevor Kavanagh sums Cameron up as a ‘political dwarf’ while the Express even looks to talk up education secretary Michael Gove’s education reforms as good for the country.

However the one person who desperately wants to succeed David Cameron must have wished he could have hidden in his seat. Tory mayor Boris Johnson features in most of the papers after a car crash interview on yesterday’s BBC Marr show. Questioned by presenter Eddie Mair Bojo was banjaxed by claims that he was a ‘nasty piece of work’ as evidenced by the mayor having been sacked for making up quotes, lying to then Tory leader Michael Howard and agreeing to give away the address of a journalist whoa friend wanted to beat up, for once Boris was unable to clown his way out of serious accusations, but will the penny drop with the public...

 Morning Star

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 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Cameron to deny aid for immigrants (p1)
  • Oh cripes! Is that the top job gone? (p3) [Boris interview]
  • Cyprus ‘must quit the euro’ (p4)
  • ‘More than 20’ Lloyds staff paid £1 million each (p42)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Cypriots braced for tough bank restrictions (p1)
  • Bankers’ pay premium is narrowing (p1)
  • Cameron steps up immigrants debate (p2)
  • Johnson bridles at ‘nasty’ tag (p4)
  • Fujitsu pumps £800 million into UK business (p17)
  • BAT starts trial of ‘less toxic’ cigarette (p22)

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