News digest 25 June 2013

News digest 25 June 2013

25 June 2013

Today the People United bus tour hits Norwich town centre with a People’s question time in Peterborough in the evening, bus two will move on from Portsmouth in the morning to Bournemouth late afternoon. Check out details of where the bus will be on the People United website.  

The two main stories in the papers cover ongoing scandals in the police and the NHS. Many of the papers report on the shock and anger over revelations that police spies ran a secret campaign to ‘dig up dirt’ on the Lawrence family, and last night Stephen Lawrence’s father Neville demanded a judge-led inquiry into the campaign to smear his family and friends. Home secretary Theresa May has said two existing police inquiries into police wrongdoing will be widened to include the revelations. The fact that there are two inquiries might imply that something is not quite right, it’s time for a full, frank and independent inquiry into this issue alone.

And the ongoing fallout from the scandal about cover-ups by the Care Quality Commission continues with the former regulator – Cynthia Bower – breaking her silence and pledging to clear her name. Bower claims she has been hung out to dry and not been given an opportunity to respond to allegations, so she responds in a detailed rebuttal in the Indie. And while the NHS remains under fire, remember there is an agenda out there trying to run down the service and pump prime it for easy privatisation, health secretary Jeremy Hunt has lost the confidence of doctors who yesterday passed a vote of no confidence in Hunt. No argument there.

The other main political news is the Tory right starting to push their agenda on the Con-Dem government. The front page of the Telegraph reports that married couples are to be offered tax breaks – no mention of whether it will also include gay marriages if that law gets through – while the Indie summarises what can only be termed the manifesto from the ‘swivel eyed loons’ from exiting the EU, to Thatcher day and even limiting claims for sexual harassment in the workplace. Sad that these are even considered.

But then when you already have such weak employment rights, can they go any lower? Well there’s quite a lot of coverage of zero-hours contracts in the press and their expansion across swathes of industry. With one in five healthcare workers on zero-hours – effectively you turn up for work not knowing if you have any – over 10 per cent of retail and almost five per cent in manufacturing the summation of zero-hours is workers are exploited more and paid less. That sums up the Tory approach to employment, if not the country as a whole…


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Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Doctors spurn call for longer hours (p1)
  • Privatised probation is crime risk, Grayling told (p5)
  • Double inquiry into Lawrence smear claims (p11)
  • Network Rail chiefs to receive extra bonuses (p14)
  • The NHS must treat patients, no statistics – Rachel Sylvester (p23)
  • Virgin completes code for alliance (p38)







  • Married couples to be offered tax breaks (p1)
  • The NHS is not Tesco, say doctors (p1)
  • Cameron: I can be PM without Clegg (p2)
  • G4S steps in to ‘save’ 40 police jobs (p11)
  • Lawrence’s father attacks response to smear claims (p11)
  • Supermarkets cut petrol prices (p12)
  • With Clegg safe, the new danger for the Tories is complacency – Benedict Brogan (p20)
  • Vodafone edges closer to Kabel (b1)
  • Virgin seals Delta deal (b3)
  • Apprentice scheme to create 100,000 engineering technicians (b3)


FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Fed warning over propping up economy (p1)
  • Spending deal confirms Alexander’s status (p3)
  • Crossrail chief fears loss of construction skills (p3)
  • Government warned free NHS under threat without sharp tax rises (p3)
  • Miliband called to Syria crisis talks (p4)
  • UkUncut to put food banks in HSBC branches (p4)
  • Gatwick proposes fee cut (p4)
  • Forecast for Britain: Things could get gloomier – Jana Ganesh (p13)
  • India plc goes shopping (p14) – Roger Maddison quoted
  • Vodafone’s Kabel tie-up reveals new tack (p19)
  • Tablets drives growth (p19)
  • Google warns on tougher regulation (p22)


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