News digest 25 July 2013

News digest 25 July 2013

25 July 2013

The top story today is Unite general secretary Len McCluskey’s webcast outlining his views on Labour leader Ed Miliband's plans to reform the party's links with the unions. Len’s speech features in almost all papers with the interpretation ranging from the front page of the Sun saying ‘Red Len: We’ll slash Ed cash’ to the Indie saying ‘Union boss demands more say in policy making’ while the Guardian argues ‘Ed Miliband reforms will boost union influence’. In his speech Len argued that there was no point defending a status quo that had not worked for Unite or its members: Said Len: “Ed Miliband has made some bold and far-reaching proposals for recasting the trade union relationship with the Labour party. I know that some pundits were expecting me to reject them outright ... Unite goes into this process with clear objectives, which everyone who cares about the future of the Labour party needs to share. Our main aim is to ensure that as many Unite members as possible, already paying our political levy, now sign up individually to be affiliate members of the party. For that to work, and for the trade unions to put their shoulders to the wheel to make it work, the offer has to be an attractive one. Above all, that means a Labour party that our members want to support, because they believe it can and will make a difference in their lives … a party that makes the 2015 election a real and vivid choice as to the future of our country, not one that leaves the electorate indifferent … I believe that Labour under Ed Miliband can be that party – a party that our members want to support because it feels like their party.”  

And from politics to economics and this morning’s much trailed GDP figures showed a 0.6 per cent advance in GDP, with many papers asking if the economy is finally turning a corner? Now while the economy may get a ‘royal baby bounce’ there is some argument that people are starting to spend after years of minding the pennies, but is this before yet another squeeze on incomes comes. Overall the recovery is fragile, one sided and in danger of being snuffed out, the real fact to remember is that growth is still below the level inherited from the Labour government and output still remains 3.3 per cent below the pre-recession peak...

And on the statistics front a couple of the papers report on an alarming rise in death rates across the country, with the north south divide becoming more marked. The Times even runs with the issue on the front page noting death rates among the elderly are advancing with some 600 more people dying every week than the weekly average in the past five years. Could the real impact of austerity on the fabric of society be starting to show as the countrywide cuts to council budgets see adult and social care budgets cut and ever more pressure on our services? More investigation is needed but this does not seem to auger well…

And finally the continuing crisis in A&E remains in the headlines, this time rather than denigrate the service the Mail has gone for ‘greedy’ doctors who are demanding that they be paid double to work in A&Es at weekends, so much for all those Tories backing the marketisation of the NHS, don’t like it when it does not go their way, so if you really want to #SaveourNHS then get down to the demonstration in Manchester this September

 Morning Star

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 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

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 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

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  • There are better gauges of health than clumsy GDP – Richard Lambert (p9)
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  • RBS faces internal search for new chief (p17)

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