News digest 24 May 2013

News digest 24 May 2013

24 May 2013

The main story in all the papers remains Wednesday’s terror attack with the victim revealed as 25 year old father of one Lee Rigby. MI5 revealed it knew about the killers, but did not consider them to be a threat.

Away from security issues it is much quieter on the political front with the war between the Tories having dissipated as parliament is on yet another holiday. The other key story is GPs attacking health secretary Jeremy Hunt over his failings and arguments over A&Es, the health secretary is accused of using GPs as a scapegoat because he failed over the 111 non-emergency number. Sadly the list of failures in the NHS under his watch is lengthening. The other political story concerns welfare with Isabel Hardman in the Telegraph arguing: “The right could doom welfare reform” speaking of which the Indie reports that Liam Byrne is looking to take Labour further rightwards to avoid Osborne’s trap, but is there much further right he could go?

And talking of chancellor George Osborne it looks like a headache is brewing. After the IMF’s poor prognosis for the economy earlier this week the markets have taken fright and sterling has plummeted. Martin Wolf argues in the FT that the problem for the UK is that simple “Osborne is too complacent about Britain’s economy” and that is echoed by Ed Balls in the Guardian arguing “George Osborne puts his pride before the national interest.” One thing seems certain namely until Osborne goes the economy won’t grow.

And finally there are some industrial stories around. After significant losses at Tata Steel there are fears for steelworkers across Europe, Unite has called for the works council to convene to discuss the pressures, and also facing pressure is FlyBe which yesterday sold a series of Gatwick slots to easyJet. There’s also pressure in the automotive sector with Nissan recalling 800,000 vehicles over a steering fault, Ford is to close its Australian production and Fiat is considering exiting Italy. There is however one ray of sunshine as the Telegraph reports that British cars are back in favour – testament to the advanced skills in the sector – but even better the Mirror reports on a poll which has looked at driver satisfaction. Oddly enough a Skoda – for years the brunt of jokes – actually came out top occupying the number one and two position. Even more apt the top car is the Skoda Superb, nothing like a bit of positive reinforcement, now if only we could apply that to our politicians, no more dodgy Dave and maybe a bit more of Red Ed…

 Daily Mirror



  • Terror on the streets (p1/4-7)
  • Sterling plummets (p2)
  • Immigration drops (p2)
  • Global share surge stopped in its tracks (p72)


 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Terror on the streets (p1-10)
  • Skoda drivers have last laugh (p31)
  • Global markets beat hasty retreat (p55)
  • Tata Steel feels weight of Europe’s recession (p57)
  • M&B pub group takes a ‘deep dive’ (p58)
  • Post Office to strike (p58)
  • Threat to final salary pensions dropped (p60)
  • FlyBe turns back on Gatwick (p61)


  • Terror on the streets (p1-9)
  • Byrne takes Labour right to avoid Osborne’s trap (p11)
  • GPs clash with Hunt over A&E (p11)
  • Shares slide worldwide (p60)
  • FlyBe hitsb out at Gatwick (p61)
  • SAB looks to pilsner (p62)
  • Plea for Fiat bnot to abandon Italy (p63)



 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • EU orders to break down taxes by country (p1)
  • Stocks tumble (p2)
  • Terror on the streets (p3)
  • Quarterly rise in NEETs (p5)
  • Osborne is too complacent about Britain’s economy – Martin Wolf (p11)
  • Tata Steel dented (p16)
  • Ford to end Australia production (p18)
  • Two Tesco directors paid £3 million at exit (p21)
  • easyJet to pay £20 million fo gatwick slots (p21)
  • Qinetiq feels the pinch of US cuts (p21)

 Edited by Mik Sabiers

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