News digest 24 July 2013

News digest 24 July 2013

24 July 2013

In the main the press is still preoccupied with the royal baby, no name yet, and only one proper sighting so far but there’s reams of coverage as the ‘baby bounce’ seems to be working its magic on a right wing press that is wallowing in the wonder of a woman having given birth, even if it is to the now third in line to the throne. Expect the celebrations to continue for many days…

Elsewhere David Cameron's election strategist Lynton Crosby has denied having any "conversation" with the prime minister over plain packaging on tobacco sold in England and Wales, so that must mean he is saying he is not a very good lobbyist, and how come if you argue there is no smoke without fire how come there is no denial about lobbying over alcohol pricing and private health, both raised over the past few days, are we getting the full picture?

And from blowing smoke to bubbles and chancellor George Osborne’s latest attempt to kickstart the UK economy has been widely criticised after he launched the second phase of the ‘Help to Buy’ scheme in a meeting with mortgage lenders and housebuilders, laying out the terms of a programme that will underwrite home purchases worth up to £600,000. I suppose he hopes that all those homeowners will feel a little better as house prices are driven ever higher, but what about the millions struggling to find a home, why not invest the money in building more homes rather than restricting the supply?

Away from politics and there’s good news for the UK car industry with many of the papers reporting the £800 million investment planned by Bentley in Crewe, and still in transport hot on the heels of Heathrow, yesterday Gatwick got in on the expansion act arguing building an extra Gatwick runway could be privately financed and was ‘the best and most deliverable solution’, the second runway would cost from £5-9 billion and could be open by 2025.

From transport to foods and Premier has reported positive results, while Diageo looks to fully secure its holding in China. There is more concerning news for British pharma firms in Asia where a scandal over bribery/corruption is gradually unfolding, and that takes us back to Cameron, this time not on Crosby, but on immigration which the Telegraph reports the prime minister is arguing is a drain on public services, sadly there may not be much public services left if the Con-Dems scorched earthed policy continues, that’s why the country needs a proper alternative, and for that don’t forget to tune in to Unite general secretary Len McCluskey outlining what Ed Miliband's proposals mean for the trade union movement and how Labour and the unions can be stronger together. Len will be speaking live from 12:30 and the speech is being streamed live – check out all the details online

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 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • First royal wave (p1-7)
  • Crosby row deepens (p8)
  • Country dwellers penalised over cost of public services (p19)
  • NHS ‘flying blind’ on A&E crisis (p21)
  • Crewe gets Bentley’s Chelsea tractor (p37)
  • Premier Foods to knock stuffing out of suppliers (p39)
  • One hub fits all cannot be the answer, says Gatwick (p43)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • McCombe heads field to replace RBS chief (p1)
  • Bentley to invest £800 million at Crewe (p2)
  • Cameron adviser moves to end fag pack row (p2)
  • Treasury puts pressure on builders for more homes (p3)
  • Nationwide sage underlines policy tension (p3)
  • Barclays ‘misused’ client data (p16)
  • Ryanair agrees to offload Aer Lingus holding (p16)
  • Lockheed marches on (p18)

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