News digest 24 April 2013

News digest 24 April 2013

24 April 2013

The digest starts with a call to keep the NHS public as Unite takes a giant NHS wheel of misfortune to the Houses of Parliament on the day that the Lords discuss the revised s75 regulations which would put profit before patients and let the private sector cherry-pick profitable services over providing comprehensive patient care. Unite is challenging the danger of a new marketised system where paying up to £10,000 for maternity costs or £13,450 for a new hip is the norm. Keep up the fight for a NHS free at the point of use based on clinical need. No one voted for these changes, don’t let the NHS vanish in front of your eyes…

And also vanishing were yet more job cuts in the finance sector with HSBC/First Direct culling 3,000 more jobs, this is on top of 4,000 job cuts last year as well as planning to close its remaining final salary pension scheme, reduce holiday entitlement and sick pay. The company made a profit before tax and charges of $20.6 billion in 2012. Unite national officer Dominic Hook said: "HSBC is making staff suffer in the search for ever greater profits. The bank's behaviour is a disgrace. After making proposals to slash pensions, holidays and sick pay the bank is now slashing even more jobs … these cuts are about putting profits before people and will do nothing to improve service or the image of the banking industry." As ever ordinary workers suffer while the casino capitalists keep all the loot…

And the other main topic of the day is coverage of today’s meeting at the TUC where one of the many items on the agenda is planning for a potential general strike, The rightwing papers try to talk up the dangers with the Sun arguing it will cost the economy £1.2 billion – contrast that with chancellor George Osborne’s cuts which have cost the UK billions more in lost growth and be grateful that the Lords mauled his shares for rights plan again – and even business secretary Vince Cable is quoted as saying the figures are plain wrong. It does seem that’s some Tories want to work with unions, David Skelton who has launched a campaign to broaden the appeal of the Tory party to trade unions outlines why the government should liaise with unions, although in reality the government needs to change its austerity addiction if it wants to get anywhere, until then the fight to challenge the Con-Dems continues…

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  • Walkout will cost UK £1 billion (p2) – Len McCluskey quoted
  • Leader: Ed strikes (p8) - Len McCluskey cited
  • HSBC axe 3,166 (p38) – Unite cited
  • Nuclear chaos as 200 go (p38)


  • Pensions crisis as payouts slashed (p1)
  • Thousands hit by HSBC job cuts (p2) – Dominic Hook quoted
  • Asda unveils £700 million spend on expansion (p50)
  • IAG pays £105 million for Vueling (p50)
  • Power brands warm Premier sales (p51)





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  • Relief for Osborne in borrowing dip (p1)
  • Treasury criticised over Equitable Life rescue (p2)
  • MPs urge coalition to come clean over nuclear subsidies (p3)
  • Miliband scorns strike threat (p4) – Unite cited
  • Food banks struggle to meet soaring demand (p4)
  • HSBC to ‘demise’ human capital with 3,000 impacted (p15) – Unite cited
  • Siemens delayed by Eurostar snag (p16)
  • Geely grapples with Volvo gears (p20)
  • SABMiller reshuffle (p21)
  • IAG poised to take controls at Vueling (p22)

 Edited by Mik Sabiers

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