News digest 23 July 2013

News digest 23 July 2013

23 July 2013

Today’s papers are dominated by a single story, namely a new baby, although in reality there were some 2,000 of them born in the UK yesterday, but only one of them – as yet unnamed – will be the heir to the throne, mother and baby are doing fine and despite no pictures there is wall to wall coverage in the papers …

Elsewhere Labour of a different sort is in the headlines, after party leader Ed Miliband gave a speech outlining his plans to ‘modify’ the link between the Labour party and the trade unions, a special conference will be held in the spring. Many commentators wonder whether the Labour leader is picking the right fight, especially as a number say that the public at large is not that concerned about the party’s links with the unions.

More worrying may be the unions links with the party, after Kevin Maguire noted the GMB’s increasing frostiness yesterday many of the papers today cover a poll of Unite members by Tory peer Lord Ashcroft. The poll found that 37 per cent of respondents contributed to the political fund, while 30 per cent had opted out. There was some good news for Miliband as 46 per cent of members viewed him as the best prime minister, although current prime minister David Cameron was just behind on 40 per cent, but 49 per cent they would vote Labour at the next election, with just 23 per cent backing the Tories.

Many of the right wing papers focus on the fact that 86 per cent back the benefit cap – but then that is representative of the country as a whole and typical of the long term right-wing agenda to demonise anyone claiming benefits. That’s why you have leaders who take on the right wing agenda and challenge the Con-Dem cuts and austerity agenda, there’s no mention in the poll if members back raising the minimum wage, building more homes and abolishing the bedroom tax, that’s because none of those questions were asked. There was however strong support for nationalising major industries including gas, electricity, water and transport with over two thirds backing state takeovers, so much for selling off the Royal Mail, oh, but then the Tories do tend to be most our of touch and Cameron’s probably still talking (right wing) policy with his strategist – or is that lobbyist – Lynton Crosby… 

 Morning Star

 Daily Mirror




 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Welcome to the world (p1-11 +12 page supplement)
  • Police chiefs stay defiant by voting in leader again (p16)
  • Clegg’s youth job plan is 95 per cent failure (p23)
  • Airlines wary of extra baggage from merger on the ground (p42)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Help to buy sparks £1.3 billion of house sales (p1)
  • GSK admits wrongdoing by staff in China (p1)
  • Miliband and unions head for funding showdown (p2) – Unite cited
  • Airlines reject Heathrow fees offer (p2)
  • Cameron’s aim for renegotiation of relations with Brussels undermined (p3)
  • Eurotunnel and Eurostar clash (p15)

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