News digest 23 April 2013

News digest 23 April 2013

23 April 2013

Today’s digest starts with a focus on drinks, as 300 staff at Coca Cola Enterprises find that they are due to be made redundant as the bottling company closes its direct store delivery operations, workers at Molson Coors in Burton-on-Trent are being balloted on strike action over cuts to pay, terms and conditions. The company – which brews Carling, Grolsch, Coors Lite and Cobra lagers as well as beers including Worthington, White Shield and Stones at the Burton plant – intends to sack all its workers and re-employ them on inferior terms which could see their wages cut by up to £9,000 a year. Unite regional officer Rick Coyle said: “Unite wants an equable and fair settlement with the management of this very profitable company and is ready for constructive negotiations. However, the management’s stance has meant our members voting on strike action, given the atmosphere of duress and threat to their livelihoods.” Yet another typical example of how workers are being treated and why the economy won’t grow if companies keep cutting wages.

And from cutting wages to not paying taxes and a few of the papers report on the opposite end of the pay spectrum as Google chief Eric Schmidt said he thought his company paid enough to the UK economy through tax on his staff and that it was perfectly fine to pursue a tax avoidance strategy. Google paid just £6 million of taxes on £2.6 billion of revenue generated in 2011, so much for we’re all in it together. Then again, Schmidt is also a government adviser so could that be the reasons the top rate of tax has been cut.

And the cuts to the NHS continue. Health secretary Jeremy Hunt has nurses in his sights attacking them over the Mid Staffs scandal saying they should focus on nursing and not ‘union’ work. How out of touch is this man? The answer is very. Speaking of the NHS the Telegraph front page is ‘Hospital hotels for 30,000 elderly patients’ as an idea to stem bed blocking, hmmn, seem to remember you have to pay to stay in hotels, is this yet another move towards the privatisation of the NHS. Tomorrow Unite is holding a key event at the Houses of Parliament to highlight the new NHS ‘wheel of misfortune’ which highlights the cost of private healthcare would could soon be coming to a casualty unit near you. Said Unite’s Rachael Maskell: “The NHS wheel of misfortune will be a reality if we don’t take a stand to defend what is perhaps the greatest social benefit of any country. 65 years of healthcare based on need and not the ability to pay is at stake.” It’s time to take action – make sure you lobby a Lord or Lady ahead of tomorrow’s crucial debate…

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 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • CSR: The next cuts are the deepest (p6-8)
  • Huhne offers to pay quarter of prosecution costs (p11)
  • 2,000 nurses warned to keep quiet (p18)
  • Publicans raise their glasses (p35)
  • New orders for BA (p35)
  • Caterpilar [sales] slow to a crawl (p38)
  • Betfair to hand cash to shareholders (p41)




  • Hospital hotels for 30,000 elderly patients (p1)
  • We will scrap planned petrol rises, says Cameron (p1)
  • Nursing leaders missed Mid Staffs, says Hunt (p4)
  • Councils denied key to stopping subletting (p5)
  • Huhne refuses to pay more than quarter of costs (p7)
  • Today’s Tory MPs are far less predictable and manageable – Bruce Anderson (p18)
  • Euro nations must give up more power, says Markel (b1)
  • Welby: Turn state owned bank into regional lenders (b1)
  • AstraZeneca in £130 million tie up (b3)
  • Asda raises delivery stakes (b3)
  • Pub groups face code (b4)
  • We’re putting billions into UK economy, Google insists (b5)
  • Germany faces pay explosion as unions flex muscles (b5)
  • Jobs boost as Airbus strikes deal with IAG (b5)

 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • EU and Fed clash over US bank move (p1)
  • Scots face tough choices on currency (p2)
  • Industry seeks to cut aircraft noise (p2)
  • Urenco sell off goes ahead (p3)
  • Cameron heads for [EU] opt out row (p4)
  • Cable targets unfair large PubCos (p4)
  • Labour’s boldness may be its undoing – Janan Ganesh (p11)
  • Apple in struggle (p17)
  • Earth moves slower for Caterpillar (p18)
  • Morrison depots blocked by farmers (p20)
  • BA to purchase 18 A350s (p21)

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