News digest 22 July 2013

News digest 22 July 2013

22 July 2013

There is no single story dominating the papers today although a number do report on Chris Froome winning the Tour de France and England winning the second Ashes test, although Lee Westwood lost out in the golf. Interestingly as the anniversary of the Olympics nears the FT questions the real Olympic legacy and any boost to economic growth, saying the real boost was in public contentment rather than wider economic benefits.

There is however some better news for the chancellor as a few of the papers report on the predictions for the GDP figures this Thursday with the underlying trend hinting at a doubling of growth, however this has to take account of the fact that growth was last an insipid 0.3 per cent, so no major advance, and the recovery seems to be focused on the south east rather than across the country. The danger for the Tories is they could get complacent about the real strength of the recovery…

That does not stop prime minister David Cameron from promising tax cuts, The Mail runs with the headline that Cameron wants to cut taxes for families, while the Express says he will cut taxes if he wins the election. Interestingly the Telegraph phrases it as ‘Cameron hints at Tory tax cuts’ possibly implying that the Tories are trying to start the process of extricating themselves from the coalition. That could be because they think they may win the next election– an argument put forward by Leo McKinstry in the Express after a couple of good weeks of press – but there could still be trouble ahead as the ‘Wizard of Oz’ Lynton Crosby looks to be unmasked as a controller of too much government policy.

Prime minister David Cameron yet again argued that he has never been lobbied by Crosby, but the Guardian shows how the tendrils of Crosby Textor seems to be spreading across Whitehall. After the turnaround on tobacco and the axing of the alcohol price cap the Guardian splashes with the latest lobbying row where Crosby’s firm advised private healthcare providers how to exploit NHS ‘failings’. Odd how the sell off of the blood plasma service was so simple for the Tories, that will be the thin edge of the wedge as our once great health service is salami sliced into a privatised pie where rich firms pick and choose ‘profitable services’ and the main service is run down, get to your local hospital soon and join the 29 September demonstration to help #Saveournhs.

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 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Private patients dumped on NHS (p1)
  • Tax cuts ahead – but only if economy improves (p2)
  • Gove on charm offensive (p7)
  • Miliband plan to enforce living wage ‘could be threat to small businesses’ (p8)
  • Miliband asked to investigate (p8) – Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Sales tax would kill growth and jobs (p31)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Jaguar family to grow with luxury cubs (p1/19)
  • Business legacy of Olympics called into question (p2)
  • Tech groups advance at double (p3)
  • ABN ready to be sold ‘within a year or so’ (p15)
  • Hitachi trains sights on EU rail market (p16)
  • GSK dismisses sales staff in China (p18)

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