News digest 21 May 2013

News digest 21 May 2013

21 May 2013

While the Tories remain at war - and there is a lot of advice for prime minister David Cameron - today’s digest opens with a focus on putting to bed the Progress line on Labour party selection meetings. Writing in today’s Guardian Unite general secretary Len McCluskey says that the opposition to union-backed MPs is being driven by an aim to keep Labour the preserve of an elite rather than reflective of the wider membership. Pricking the Blairite bubble Len says the argument is actually about politics rather than procedure and outlines why the party needs to look like the people it represents, signing off with the line: “I am confident most Labour voters want to see both a more diverse Labour party in parliament, and also a Labour government radically different from the last one.” Too right.

And looking at the latest polls we may get one, the Ukip surge is continuing as the right-wing press neglects to highlight the real people trying to take control of councils across the country – the Express has Labour on 35 per cent, but now with a lead of 11 per cent as Ukip eats into the Tory vote – expect prime minister David Cameron to try and sort out those challenges, oh, hang on, looks like he is off on his travels again as the word is he’ll miss PMQs tomorrow. He does seem to be avoiding his responsibilities.

And talking of avoiding, Cameron had head of Google Eric Schmidt in for talks at Downing Street yesterday, but guess what? Yes, they avoided talking about tax, well Google has a lot of form in that respect. As ever, one rule for the rich, and another for the rest of us…

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 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Gay marriage revolt drives Cameron into Labour arms (p1)
  • School funds can be cut without causing damage, says [right wing] think tank (p6)
  • Cameron builds bridges (p8)
  • Cameron avoids showdown over Google tax row (p15)
  • FirstGroup admits defeat (p33)
  • More questions about Apple supplier (p35)
  • School trips next target for Ryanair (p36)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Us senators accuse Apple of avoiding billions in taxes (p1)
  • PM battles for unity (p2)
  • Tougher tax rules would cost jobs (p3)
  • Police fear dissident attacks on G8 summit (p4)
  • Robin Hood tax: A long shot (p13)
  • Rights issue derails FirstGroup (p25)
  • Mitie shifts focus to healthcare (p25)
  • Pension Protection Fund warns of levy increase (p25)

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