News digest 21 June 2013

News digest 21 June 2013

21 June 2013

With just one day to go to the People’s Assembly in London, the countdown for the People United tour of the country is almost over. Two buses will set off from the People’s Assembly to criss-cross the country to help defend jobs, services and civilised society and stand against the Con-Dem cuts and the austerity agenda driven race to the bottom. Find out all the latest from the People United microsite and follow the buses on tour and on twitter (@PplUnited) over the next two weeks as they cross the country and converge on Manchester to celebrate the 65th anniversary of one of the country’s greatest creations, the NHS.

And the NHS is under pressure. There are a range of stories across the papers, and while the main focus remains on the cover-up at the failing maternity unit in Cumbria, the front of the Telegraph reports that drug companies are secretly colluding with pharmacists to overcharge the NHS, however the headline ‘NHS, drug firms and price racket’ is disingenuous to say the least. Elsewhere health secretary Jeremy Hunt is quoted in a number of papers saying NHS blunders cause eight deaths a day and arguing for doctors and nurses to take direct responsibility and for better safety information to be published. No mention of why the government doesn’t just stop meddling and let doctors and nurses get on with their jobs. The assault on the NHS gets front page billing in the Morning Star with a call for ‘Hands off our NHS’ with the Mirror also reporting on the planned joint union demonstration to defend the NHS at the Tory party conference on Sunday 29 September. Put the date in your diary.

Elsewhere there’s coverage of the collapse in stock markets. Coming the day after chancellor George Osborne said the UK was out of ‘intensive care’ the UK stock market lost £50 billion yesterday as investors took fright at changes in US economic policy. UK economic policy remains wedded to more cuts, with communities secretary Eric Pickles caving in and agreeing to a further 10 per cent cut in local government funding.

And on funding the banks that got us into this mess have been told to raise their capital shortfalls, with an extra £27 billion needed, maybe they can check their offshore accounts?

And for one supposed ‘man of the people’ – Ukip leader Nigel Farage – tax avoidance is under the spotlight as the Mirror uncovers the fact that he opened a trust fund in a plan to slash his tax bill. Having set up a scheme to route his earnings through the Isle of Man he has now said it was a mistake, namely because he has not earned enough to make effective use of the scheme. This from the man who last month told fellow MEPs that they had a “common enemy, rich people, successful companies avoiding tax” and to that we can add Nigel Farage the man who set up a tax avoidance scheme that he failed to benefit from, back to the bar for the man and his party that backs a flat rate tax for all…

 Morning Star

 Daily Mirror




 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Families demand inquiry into NHS cover-up (p1)
  • Cameron refuses to say if he will let his children eat GM food (p4)
  • Clegg on spot over failure to condemn Nigella ‘assault’ (p5)
  • Pickles accepts further 10 per cent cut for councils (p16)
  • Fed turns off taps (p41)
  • Barclays takes on watchdog over lending crackdown (p45)
  • Iberia may be grounded, Walsh warns (p47)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Market jitters over Fed slowing QE3 (p1)
  • Cadbury employed tax avoidance before takeover (p1/9)
  • Universal credit under fire (p1)
  • CBI queries RBS ‘groundhog day’ (p3)
  • Miliband lays plans to charge for land hoarding (p3)
  • Reform of British banking needs to go further – Martin Wolf (p11)
  • UK and Swiss banks face further stress tests (p16)
  • Victory roll for Airbus at Paris air show (p18)
  • Renault to jump back into profit in UK (p21)
  • Go-Ahead eyes growth from buses (p21)

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