News digest 19 October 2012

News digest 19 October 2012

19 October 2012

Just 24 hours to go to the march for a future that works – join us on #oct20

There are a range of stories in the press today from Cameron’s crumbling plans for cheaper fuel, Mitchell mired in plebgate, doctors getting health checks, more MPs’ expenses, Google’s shares sliding, banks (rightly) being blamed for the recession and even Cadbury reducing the size of chocolate bars but not the price. If this makes you angry and wanting change then it’s almost here, because tomorrow people from across the country will march in Belfast, Glasgow and London to demand a future that works. The usual digest links to the top stories across the papers are below, but today’s message is a simple and singular one, march with us, and tell your family, your friends and everyone you know to join us too, it’s time to take the challenge to the Con-Dem coalition, it’s time to argue for the alternative, it’s time to make a stand and march for a future that works… 

Morning Star

 Daily Mirror





 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Retreat over Cameron’s energy tariff promise (p1)
  • Pressure on MPs expenses (p6)
  • Wounded Mitchell easy target for Labour attacks (p8-9)
  • Baroness O’Neill appointed EHRC head (p15)
  • Cost of health reforms to rise by £300 million at least (p31)
  • Bitter to regain its strength as Foster’s flounders (p57)
  • Apple bitten by ruling rival is not copycat (p61)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Barclays forced to set aside £700 million for PPI bill (p1)
  • Google panic over results bungle (p1)
  • PM vows to legislate on fuel tariffs (p2)
  • Construction industry faces claims over blacklist (p3)
  • Bercow sparks expenses row (p4)
  • Bank union rift mars summit (p6)
  • Britain does not have to accept stagnation (p13)
  • Hawker jet business in doubt as buyout talks fail (p19)
  • Nokia losses mount (p20)Ladbrokes buoyed (p22)
  • Apple loses appeal against Samsung (p23)
  • Britvic sales slide (p23)

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