News digest 19 April 2013

News digest 19 April 2013

19 April 2013

The digest opens with a tale of the classic demarcation in society. Yesterday workers at Ford in Dagenham started voting in a dispute over redundancy terms. Ford is offering a deal to Dagenham workers which is between £10,000 and £30,000 less lower than workers in Southampton – where another Ford plant is being closed - are being offered. Unite national officer Roger Maddison said: "Ford betrayed its workers when it announced the closure of its plants and now the company is rubbing salt into the loyal workers' wounds by treating them with contempt. The workers at Dagenham are furious and they are right to want to stand up to the company's despicable behaviour.”

And another company accused of despicable behaviour is Aviva which at the same time as announcing that it was cutting 2,000 jobs is also slashing terms for anyone who loses their job. Unite national officer Dominic Hook said: "Since the departure of CEO Andrew Moss less than 12 months ago, the UK workforce, which is the backbone of the company, has suffered job cuts, pay freezes and now faces an attack on their redundancy terms, when the company is planning more cuts. Once again finance staff are being forced to pay the price for boardroom failure.”

These two examples contrast with the situation for very secure and so-called ‘fat cat in the hat’ or Rich Ricci, the flamboyant American investment banker – or casino capitalist as it should be known – who has decided to leave Barclays – or was ousted depending on who’s side of the story you believe. At the age of just 49 he is retiring from Barclays with an £18 million windfall, although the bank refused to reveal details of his pension, expect that to be supercharged too. This is why the top rate of tax should not have been cut, this level of greed is what is being endorsed by the Con-Dems while ordinary people – like the workers at Ford and Aviva – are left to struggle on cuts to pay, their  terms and conditions, jobs and even redundancy packages.

That’s why the country needs an alternative, and that could be what Labour leader Ed Miliband is offering. Ignore the old non-story on the front of the Times and instead look at the front page of the Indie which leads with the story that Labour will pledge to outspend the Tories to generate growth in the economy, while the Telegraph reports Miliband as saying when he is prime minister he will overturn the free market. I look forward to that. It’s all about setting out a radical programme and sticking to it…

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  • What would Mrs Thatcher do for Britain now? – Leo McKinstry (p14) – Len McCluskey cited
  • Fuel prices to drop 3p a litre (p19)
  • Ricci goes in Barclays shake up (p66)
  • Dairy Crest’s wedge (p66)


 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Barclays fat cat unseated (p1/3)
  • Gove calls for longer working days at schools (p1)
  • Labour turmoil as unions grab safe European seats (p1) – Unite cited
  • Police commissioners accused of cronyism (p5)
  • Civil servants under fire for ‘crass’ tribute to Thatcher (p13)
  • Small solutions should be Miliband’s big idea – Philip Collins (p25)
  • L&G chief who axed dividend walked away with £9 million payout (p41)
  • BHP chief agrees salary fifth lower than predecessor (p44)
  • Deals for pump maker (p44)


  • Waco burns again (p1/4-5)
  • Labour bets the house with pledge to outspend Tories (p1)
  • Company puts cheese in pension plan (p3)
  • ‘Fat cat in a hat’ Ricci retires (p7)
  • Mandarins’ Thatcher tribute ‘undermined neutrality’ (p10)
  • ‘Callous’ Aviva slammed (p51) – Dominic Hook quoted
  • Ana Botin interviewed (p52)



 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Osborne and IMF square up on austerity (p1)
  • Diamond era at a close (p1)
  • Dairy Crest milks cheese to plug pensions gap (p1)
  • State run railway beats private rivals (p2)
  • Unions hit at Aviva over job cuts terms (p16)
  • Demand boost PepsiCo (p17)
  • Nokia revenues at 13-year low (p18)

 Edited by Mik Sabiers

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