News digest 17 June 2013

News digest 17 June 2013

17 June 2013

Today’s digest opens with a strong international feel as UK prime minister David Cameron attempts to bask in the glory of hosting the G8 summit. However, the start was overshadowed by the pounding of the drums of war as the US shifted its position on Syria, and more specifically on arming the rebels. Russia’s president Putin challenged Cameron directly with many of the papers reporting on the frosty exchanges amid warnings from both sides on getting involved in the crisis. Even London’s mayor Boris Johnson, writing in his Telegraph column, argues against arming the ‘Syria maniacs’ saying it is too late to solve the situation and the conflict will never be won. For once he may be talking some sense, although in reality he’s just challenging Cameron.

And there’s a successful challenge for moderates in Iran as Hassan Rouhani was yesterday elected the new president of Iran. That may lead to less strife especially over the country’s nuclear programme.

Over the other side the turmoil in Turkey refuses to subside as the government continues to crack down on the protesters, today unions have called a general strike while Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has sent more riot police into Taksim Square. Solidarity to the strikers and protesters.

Back at the G8 and Cameron is attempting to deal with the issue of corporate taxation, although he does not look like he’ll support a Robin Hood tax. Anti poverty campaigners warned that a deal to deal with international tax avoidance was slipping away while the Indie reports that any G8 deal on tax will not help poor countries. Sums up the Con-Dems, always focused on helping the rich.

And back in Britain and the latest wheeze to limit public sector pay is the end of progression, the FT reports that the latest plan could see public sector workers across the country denied pay progression, saving the government some £1.5 billion. So far 540,000 jobs have been cut in the public sector, and the government is looking to double that total. Sacking more people and cutting the pay for the rest of them will really help.

But the real savings are to be used for bribing the electorate as the real reason for RBS boss Stephen Hester’s resignation last week is proven to be the rapid move towards privatisation, what’s more chancellor George Osborne is excepted to hint that the sale of the stake in Lloyds will happen by 2015, what’s the bet that ordinary taxpayers will be short-changed again as ordinary workers pay the price for the elite that walk off with multimillion payouts and share options…

 Morning Star

 Daily Mirror



  • Mitchell leads bid to cut foreign aid (p2)
  • Police shock as PM queries their honesty (p2)
  • Bid to shut 30 of UK’s oldest jails (p27)
  • RBS braced for Osborne’s privatisation plan (p44)
  • Small firms doing better (p44)


 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Patients get new rights under NHS care charter (p1)
  • Police are relatively honest, says Cameron (p4)
  • Putin tells Cameron he’s siding with cannibals (p6-7)
  • Rennard interviewed (p11)
  • Fox tipped for cabinet return (p12)
  • Boris can be Tories’ salvation – Tim Montgomerie (p23)
  • Moderate’s landslide victory raises hopes of nuclear peace (p28)
  • Erdogan vows to settle scores (p29)
  • Co-op ‘forced into Lloyds deal by Treasury’ (p37)
  • Small business confidence tempered by lack of credit (p39)
  • Long history of industrial action strikes fear into Royal Mail’s potential investors (p43)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Osborne to hint at Lloyds sale by 2015 (p1)
  • Putin attacks arming of Syrian rebels (p1)
  • Civil service pay freeze to save £1.5 billion (p2) [end of progression]
  • Call for 12 super-prisons (p2)
  • Port expansion (p3)
  • Why we need to simplify our corporate tax system – Eric Schmidt (p13)
  • Co-op nears deal on shortfall (p19)
  • Aircraft contracts could be worth £476 billion to UK (p20)
  • EU car market to fall (p23)

 Edited by Mik Sabiers

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