News digest 16 July 2013

News digest 16 July 2013

16 July 2013

Today’s digest opens with evidence of how the government continues to ignore the facts and carry on regardless. Yesterday work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith defended the roll out of the new £26,000 welfare cap across the country just as the Resolution Foundation found out that most ordinary workers are priced out of the south east and that a third of Britain is effectively off limits to lower income working families. Duncan Smith claimed that the benefit cap changes were forcing people into work - even after he was criticised for making the claims by the government’s statistics watchdog – and said that there was no evidence that families subject to the cap would be made homeless.

The real issue of rising private sector rents charged by buy-to-let landlords seems to be ignored while families face the choice of cutting back on essentials or having to move long distances away from established support networks as they are forced to find cheaper places to live. While the polls present public backing for the measure - the continued demonisation of benefit claimants by the right-wing press seems to be working its magic – the changes which will affect 56,000 households and only save some £110 million could see thousands of children thrust deeper into poverty as parents are forced to cut spending on food, clothing and childcare to meet the exorbitant rents and high childcare costs that the Con-Dem government has done nothing to curb.

Even worse the Indie and Times report that the benefits crackdown will get tougher with plans to restrict the cap to £20,000 if the Tories win the next election and the Mirror uncovers a plan to deny teenage single mothers any benefits unless they live with their parents or in supervised hostels, looks like we’re returning to the Victorian age with an ever starker divide between the haves and have knots.

And talking of benefit cuts and haves and have nots a number of the papers report on Prince Charles tax status, the Indie headline sums it up well as ‘aide defends Prince’s tax-exempt status’ while the Sun is more matter of fact and simple says ‘Prince pays less than his servants’ so much for we’re all in this together.

And finally there is more coverage of the NHS as the merciless attack on care continues. Again there is a lot of negative coverage about ‘horror hospitals’ and care failings, and the Tories look to be trying to place the blame at the feet of shadow health secretary Andy Burnham, although there is a warning for the Tories from Rachel Sylvester in the Times. The devil will be in the detail, the one thing you can be sure of the NHS is not safe in the Tories’ hands, it is more likely to be slowly strangled, and the worrying concern is the latest polls put Labour and the Tories neck and neck, the threat of five further years of Con-Dem austerity remains…

 Morning Star

 Daily Mirror



  • BBC accused of bias in welfare row (p2)
  • Demolish Heathrow, says Boris (p11)
  • China holds Glaxo staff over bribery (p59)
  • Thornton’s tastes success (p62)
  • Cobham mops up military trainer (p62)


 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Tories plan new assault on welfare handouts (p1)
  • MPs’ questions over tobacco packaging curbs smoulder on (p6)
  • Diary: Wages of spin (p11) – Unite cited
  • Britain tops league of millionaire bankers (p14)
  • Using NHS as a football will be a Tory own goal – Rachel Sylvester (p21)
  • Co-op will have to cut hundreds of jobs to survive (p31)
  • Direct Line joins rush to start law division (p33)
  • Datsun returns (p35)
  • Honeywell joins inquiry into Dreamliner’s Heathrow fire (p37)




  • Abandon Trident at your peril (p1)
  • Callous: The verdict on NHS care for the dying (p1)
  • Tories draw level with Labour as Ukip support tails off (p1)
  • IDS defies experts to insist benefit cap working (p6)
  • Prince Charles pays less tax than his domestic staff (p6)
  • Pricing scandal sees NHS pay £89 for cod-liver oil capsules (p8)
  • Labour must bear blame for shameful decline of the NHS – Sean Worth (p18)
  • GSK probe in China (b1)
  • Cobham buys chopper firm (b3)
  • Boris’ new airport ‘will cost £45 billion’ (b5)

 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • China steps up GSK bribery probe (p1)
  • Cameron accused of hypocrisy over lobbyist’s visit to Downing Street (p2)
  • Long term overhaul of roads promised (p3)
  • Bonuses shrink for top UK bankers (p16)
  • Latest challenge for G4S raises talk of cash call (p19)

Edited by Mik Sabiers

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