News digest 15 May 2013

News digest 15 May 2013

15 May 2013

Today’s digest opens with prime minister David Cameron remaining under fire from his eurosceptic backbenchers. As many of the papers bemoan his approach, it looks like it is all going wrong for Cameron. The Morning Star says dodgy Dave can’t be trusted, Matthew Norman in the Indie says the Tory party is eating itself alive while the Mail’s Dominic Sandbrook says that Cameron is turning into John Major. Sadly, Cameron looks like he will be an even worse prime minister than Major was, most interestingly the Indie says the prime minister has said the referendum bill is his last concession, as if.

And while the prime minister is away in America, back in England the economy is struggling as the latest data this morning showed UK unemployment rose by 15,000 to 2.52 million for the January to March period. Total employment was down. Is Cameron avoiding prime minister’s question time because of the bad news, if so that may explain why he’s been away so much of late.

And the unemployment figures may not improve. As people in work are increasingly paid too little, or not at all if you are an intern – Unite has published a report today that is covered in the Morning Star and Times which shows a third of charities don’t pay their interns – it looks like more cuts are on the way, RBS has indicated that there may be more banking sector job cuts and the £1 billion loss at Tata could herald a sale of the steel operations with fear for the industry. Severn Trent is also attracting interest and we all know that the end result of any takeover is bonuses for bosses and cuts for the workers.

And three years in to the Con-Dem government’s cuts and the Indie is one of the many papers reporting on the latest OECD report, the headline sums it up: ‘Poor hit hardest by financial crisis and welfare cuts to make it worse.’ As the UK slumps from fifth to twelfth in the international standard of living league, the sense is that it is only going to get worse as the majority of the cuts have yet to hit home, it looks like impoverishing a nation while cutting taxes for the richest will be the epitaph of the Con-Dem coalition…

 Morning Star

 Daily Mirror




Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Charities are too elitist (p4) – Sally Kosky quoted
  • Tories at war as Eurosceptics reject Cameron’s olive branch (p9)
  • Ed blows his chance to stoke a Tory civil war – Dan Hodges (p22)
  • Betfair talks founder (p35)
  • Labour relies on overdraft from troubled Co-op bank (p36)
  • BP and Shell raided (p36)
  • Big money flows towards Severn Trent (p39)
  • Airbus drives profits (p39)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • US budget deficit falls faster than forecast (p1)
  • Oil groups raided (p1)
  • Pay day lenders to defence practices (p4)
  • Germany demands action over Google search (p18)
  • Profits take off at EADS (p21)
  • Tata write-down sparks talk of sell-off (p22)

 Edited by Mik Sabiers

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