News digest 15 January 2013

News digest 15 January 2013

15 January 2013

The top story in the digest follows up on the row over the delay for bonuses for the bankers of Goldman Sachs. As reported in yesterday’s digest the bank is considering postponing paying its staff million pound bonuses until after the April top rate tax cut, Unite general secretary Len McCluskey is quoted in the Mirror and Sun saying the move was “clear proof that the City has learned nothing. Any decent government would condemn this behaviour as a blatant case of tax avoidance.” Len will outline his vision on a working class politics for the 21st Century at the LSE in London this evening. Sadly, from the Con-Dem shower there is not a peep even though the Indie and Guardian report it is within chancellor George Osborne’s abilities to stop the tax avoidance trick…

That may be because Osborne is more focused on the benefits to be gained from the latest pension proposals, it now seems that the con trick is even bigger than expected with most of the papers reporting that people will have to work longer to get less and the vast majority will lose out and the government will rake in between £6 and £9 billion a year in taxes. The Sun sums it up best as ‘pension potty’…

And also veering on the side of madness seems to be prime minster David Cameron who has finally set a date – this Friday – for his big speech on Europe. Many of the papers talk about the clamour for an in or out referendum, but it looks like Cameron will lose out whichever way, at least he can’t focus on another war to get himself out of a hole. On hang on, the government could send troops to support the French in Mali, although yesterday a RAF plane loaded with equipment – and described by Cameron as “our most advanced and capable plane” broke down before it could take off, another result of Con-Dem cuts?

And it also looks like HMV will crash down as the high street takes yet another pounding. The struggling music chain has gone into administration meaning 4,000 jobs are at risk, sadly there is not much evidence of government action, but then the coalition looks after its own not ordinary people. For evidenced of the divide just look at the Mirror which reports that £600 million worth of flats have been bought in Battersea, whatever happened to progressive taxation and all paying their fair share…

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 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Cameron forced to rush his blueprint on Europe (p1
  • HMV close to collapse (p3)
  • Whitehall at war (p6-8)
  • Goldman Sachs immoral for delaying bonus to doge tax (p10)
  • False start top Mali mission (p11)
  • Higher earners to fund flat-rate pension for all (p12)
  • Sterling’s safe haven status threatened by EU debate (p29)
  • Beijing builds seven runway airport (p30)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • HMV on brink (p1)
  • Goldman tax plan to delay bonuses riles MPs (p2)
  • Cameron lays ground for Europe speech (p2)
  • State pension overhaul to net Treasury £9 billion a year (p3)
  • Concerns over quality to be tackled in apprenticeship reform (p4)
  • UPS takeover for TNT collapses (p15/17)
  • Bentley aims to expand dealer network (p18)
  • Greene King gains festive boost (p20)

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