News digest 12 June 2013

News digest 12 June 2013

12 June 2013

The well attended #SaveOurSafety lobby at parliament yesterday helped bring the subject to the fore with a well argued joint Len McCluskey/Steve Murphy (general secretaries of Unite and Ucatt respectively) blog on LabourList summing up the message in simple terms: One death is too many.

In other news teargas and water cannons were deployed by Turkish police as they swept demonstrators out of Taksim Square as the Turkish government looked to crush the Istanbul protests. Thousands of protesters were forced to flee and there were running battles overnight. The question is how damaged is Turkish prime minister Tayyip Erdogan’s authority?

And the police were also out in force in London yesterday. Baton wielding riot police swopped on scores of masked protesters which ad gathered to demonstrate against next week’s G8 summit. Violent confrontations led to 57 arrests, while demonstrators preparing to protest at next week’s Northern Ireland meeting say they plan to protest peacefully. Unless they are provoked I would imagine. Unite regional secretary Jimmy Kelly called for legitimate protest to be allowed, quoted in the Daily Mirror: “All the build-up is designed to put people off – with wall-to-wall police, back-up and drones. “We are trying to cut through that climate of intimidation to say you are entitled to protest, be proud to protest because our aims are just and we are a force for good.”

In other political news while the insipid economic recovery seems to be slowly forming, and even though unemployment dipped marginally this morning – down 5,000 - the reality is that workers are scared for their jobs. A report from the IFS says Britain’s workers have suffered more financial pain since 2008 than in any five year period of the modern age. It confirms the slump as the longest and deepest in a century and that on average workers are 15 per cent worse off than if the slump had not happened. So the next time you hear a casino capitalist complain about the lack of bonuses or a fat cat boss that his share options aren’t good enough remember that 70 per cent of workers received real pay cuts between 2010/11, with the economy losing – according to TUC research this week - £52 billion in wages. That is money that could have driven the recovery, instead we are stuck in the doldrums with Con-Dem cuts that do nothing but damage…

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