News digest 12 July 2013

News digest 12 July 2013

12 July 2013

The top political story of the day remains focused on MPs’ pay and the proposed hike in salaries to £74,000 – or an increase of some £8,000 – from 2015. The proposed pay rise got a mixed response in parliament with many MPs still trying to claim they were underpaid when compared to City fatcats (solution - tax the fatcats more) and that they really do work, and very hard too, honest. The plan was condemned by the three main party leaders and some MPs who say Ipsa should go back to the drawing board, although perhaps for once education secretary Michael Gove sums Ipsa up: “Bit of a silly organisation. As far as I am concerned they can stick it. MPs are incredibly well paid.” Not much more to say really.

From politics to business and many of the papers splash on concerns over outsourcing giants G4S and Serco. Justice secretary Chris Grayling has called in the Serious Fraud Office after it emerged that G4S and its rival Serco overcharged the government for tens of millions for non-existent tags on non-existent prisoners, including charging for prisoners that had finished their sentences or were even dead. So much for saving money from outsourcing, as ever it is fill the pockets of the few on the backs of workers or even in this case the dead, how low can they go, the answer, very…

And finally if ever there was an example of the Con-Dem disdain for one of the greatest creations of this country, look at what the coalition is doing to the NHS. One week after the NHS celebrated its 65th birthday, the birthplace of the service is to be closed. Health secretary Jeremy Hunt was accused of putting lives at risk as he ripped the heart out of the service by closing the A&E department at the very first NHS hospital, Trafford General. Thousands of patients will be put at risk and Hunt went ahead and made the announcement despite opposition from staff, residents, the local council and the local MP, seems only the health secretary thinks it is a good idea, sad to say this could be one of many more, so keep up the fight to #SaveOurNHS and join the rally at the Conservative party conference on 29 September

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 Daily Mirror

  • £50 million tag blag (p1/4-5) [G4S probe]
  • Wages of spin (p2) [MP salaries]
  • The end is Nye (p8-9) [Trafford General A&E closure]
  • Greenpeace activists climb Shard (p25)
  • Jaguar leaps ahead (p51)



  • Osborne: £150 tax break for couples (p2)
  • Lloyds named Britain’s top bank (p2)
  • Outcry over 11 per cent MP pay rise (p7)
  • MacShane to face charges (p7)
  • Don’t Allow Hard Left to triumph – Frederick Forsyth (p15) – Unite/Len McCluskey cited
  • Morrison in drive to take on competition (p65)
  • Barr bins Britvic bid (p65)
  • easyJet deal voted in (p65)





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  • G4S rocked amid SFO probe call (p1)
  • Wage lag: Debt peril awaits 1.25 million (p2)
  • Britvic’s merger with AG Barr (p14)
  • Contracts probe call hits G4S and Serco (p18)

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