News digest 12 April 2013

News digest 12 April 2013

12 April 2013

The digest opens with yet more coverage of Thatcher’s funeral, although the papers are less full of copy than for the last few days. Depending on which paper the story is either the £10 million cost of the funeral (Mirror) or the guest list which the Indie refers to as ‘the great, the good, and the jailbirds' but many of the right wing papers are incensed over the song that is zooming up the charts which the Sun sums up as ‘Ding Dong ding dong’ referencing the song from the Wizard of Oz which people are downloading in protest. The BBC is coming under pressure to ban the song, but surely the powers that be are just reflecting the market, odd that the right wing press doesn’t try and get another track to top the charts, surely there’s something out there.

And from one ding dong to another, this time in the Labour party as ex-PM Tony Blair and his outriders Mandelson and Milburn have called on the Labour party to leave its comfort zone saying the party must not just be seen as a party of protest. The Sun sums it up as the ‘Blair bitch project’ andf Labour leader Ed Miliband – who has been having a good week - hit back with a challenge over the mistakes of the Blair administration with his office noting: “It is by challenging old ways of doing things that Labour will win back people’s trust.” Time for Blair to stop back seat driving.

Then again the only people who seem to be interested in Blair’s comments in general are those that pay him handsomely, the senior bankers. And it is those HBOS bankers who remain in the headlights, the FT reports that the supreme pensions they were entitled to were enhanced to see the final salary based on 1/30th of final salary for each year, while ordinary staff got just 1/60th, as ever one rule for them and one rule for us. Even more astonishing is the Guardian report that the banks bosses got a payout following the taxpayer rescue of the failed bank. Seven HBOS directors collected £914,000 in so-called failure bonuses after the ‘change of control’ that kept the bank operating. Rewards for failure, now that’s the real scandal, hand it back…

 Morning Star

  • Minorities hammered by Con-Dem austerity onslaught (p1)
  • Fire authority staff win court pay battle (p2)
  • Blair to Labour: Stay right (p2)
  • Thatcher’s legacy still biting working class (p3)
  • Job transfer rule changes ‘spell disaster’ (p3)
  • Ambulance staff struggling against ‘wall of silence’ (p4) Terry Cunliffe quoted
  • Shelter: Millions on brink of destitution (p4)
  • Thousands of calls recalled (p7)

 Daily Mirror




 Times (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Blair warns Miliband (p1)
  • Millions of cars recalled (p5)
  • Thatcher funeral (p6-9)
  • Keir poised for bruising battle with arch rival (p43)




 FT (no links all stories behind paywall)

  • Ex KPMG partners charged with fraud (p1)
  • Private landlords snap up right to buy council homes (p2)
  • Focus turns to HBOS executive pensions (p3)
  • Cameron denies benefit cuts will deepen regional divisions (p4)
  • US tax hitch puts Vodafone in limbo (p17)
  • China car sales lifted (p19)
  • Two directors at Stobart face contempt of court charges (p20)

 Edited by Mik Sabiers

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